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Nescafe Mocha Flavor in Canned Beverage

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Please bring RM2.00 for irresistible, morning-waking Nescafe.

Nescafe Coffee Mocha with low fat most importantly it changed to a new packaging the purple dressed Nescafe Coffee Mocha is eye-catching. You will surely get one of it in one of your working day blues.

Oh Wait ? did the retail shop just increase the price of canned beverage to RM 2.50 ? You are better buy at Super market in prior !!

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Jia Duo Bao Canned Beverage

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Another option if you are not going to order Chinese Tea Ice 

  • Product            : Jia Duo Bao 加多宝
  • Calories           : 40 KCAL, 10g Carb, 9.2g Sugar
  • Net Weight      : 300ml
  • Status               : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Pokka Ace (M) Sdn Bhd / Under licensed of Wing Tung Drinks
  • Flavor              : Sweet herb taste
  • Value               : RM 2.00

Made by herbs of Mesona Chinensis Benth, Plumeria Rubra, Microcos Paniculata, Chrysanthemum, Lonicera Japonica Thumb, Prunella Vulgaris and Liquorice. 

Jack n Jill Roller Coaster

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Jack n Jill Roller Coaster

  • Product            : Roller Coaster Jack n Jill
  • Calories           : 300 KCAL, 30g Carb, 2g Protein, 15g Fat
  • Net Weight      : 60g
  • Status               : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : URC Snack Foods ( Malaysia ) Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor              : Sweet & Spicy
  • Value               : RM 1.90 (Varies)
  • Website           :

Pretty salty snack. Don leave it open exposing to the air it swiftly turned not crunchy anymore. One of the potato chip you must try if you are Malaysian !!

The company manufactured this product is URC Snack Foods incorporated 1982 operation continues 1984 first product they were selling is Jack n Jill potato chips. They are actively export products to Brunei, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and many more.

URC HQ is believed based in Johor currently. Various products they produce and sell locally are Roller Coaster, Jigs, Corn Curls, Cloud 9, Nips, Chooey-Choco, Cream-0, Magic, C2.

Hoping they is developing potato chip in Malaysia. The price of a single potato chip snack is increasing annually. Snack business is one of the lucrative anywhere in the world.

Cadbury Chocolate Hazelnut and Roast Almond Halal Issue

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Cadbury chocolates batch is said to have contained pig-like DNA. Or more scientific named as porcine DNA 

Cadbury chocolate roasted almond and hazelnut that selling at your local stores are halal and clean products consumable by Muslim. Due to the extensive withdraw by Cadbury and authorities cracked down, The batch of contaminated Cadbury chocolates with porine DNA has ceased no longer available.

Cadbury Hazelnut and Cadbury Roasted almond malaysia
Uncontaminated with porcine DNA.

Cadbury Hazelnut & Cadbury Roasted Almond

Net Weight : 40G

Kcal : 240g
Carbohydrate : 20g
Sugar : 20g
Fat : 12g

Eating a bar of cadbury chocolate is better than eat a pack of maggi instant noodle according to kcal comparison maggi instant noodle and Cadbury Chocolate

Maggi instant noodle is about 300-360Kcal. Every person needs 1800-2000kcal everyday. Exceed the amount of kcal may or may not affecting one's weight.

Back to this Cadbury chocolate, It is not true that Cadbury business in Malaysia will get huge loss in revenue. Cadbury has many variety flavor of Cadbury Dairy milk chocolate. In fact,  there were only two batches of chocolate in flavor of roasted almond and hazelnut contained porcine DNA.

Muslim Malaysia enraged knowing that the Cadbury chocolates is not halal although there were halal sign. The issuer of halal Malaysian Islamic Development Department(JAKIM) was cheated by company and demand a legal action against them alleged by one of the local politician.

To the extend that, urging a jihad by some Non-governmental organization on this issue. "They had crossed the line" sending a clear message to Cadbury company based in UK. Malaysia Health ministry carried out tests on Cadbury Chocolate after complains received by public and social media.

The photo of Cadbury Hazelnut and roasted almond above are uncontaminated with procine DNA. It is believed that after positively tested by health ministry, Cadbury has taken initiative to stop selling two related batch of Cadbury Chocolate.

The contaminated batch chocolate Cadbury Hazelnut and roasted almond is no longer available to be bought. The batch number for contaminated hazelnut is 200813M01H l2 that expires on November 13, 2014. As for Roast almond, batch number is 221013N01R |1 , that expires on January 15, 2015