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Patient diagnosed with H7N9 in Sabah 2014

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A Tourist diagnosed in a test positive carrying H7N9 after felt sick travelling to many attractive places in Kota Kinabalu 

When global epidemic H1N1 few years back, the tourism industry fell to the ground hotels and attractive places left empty people are feared for the dangerous infection. In the year of "Visit Malaysia 2014", Malaysian opted to attract large numbers of visitors to the country by mass marketing and organizing various international events.

H7N9 will gravely impact tourism in Sabah and many people who are working in related industry will be laid off to save cost. The Health Minister of Sabah has confirmed first H7N9 carried by a female tourist from China. A 67 year old chinese women infected by H7N9, who travelled from Guangdong, China to Kuala Lumpur on February 4. 

The women felt body weakened and decided to visit private hospital while travelling in Kota Kinabalu. After two screenings, she was told by doctor the sample was tested positive in H7N9. Dr Subramaniam said, there is no need for panic because H7N9 human transmission is very low.

For your information, H7N9 is a new virus variant and the sources of the virus were likely coming from China. It is a new virus therefore no cure is formulated by virus expert. China biggest livestock market was identified for the cause of infection outbreak.. The livestock in Malaysia is very much not infected.

Although there is no cure formulated for H7N9, Malaysian are unlikely infected by the virus because the weather is so hot the airborne virus would be killed before infecting people. Meanwhile, if you are travelling to China and visit their poultry market, you are likely to be infected by H7N9. The reason for no cure is simply because when China shut down their livestock market and do disinfection, the virus will gone and there is no need for a vaccine that could cost billion making them commercially according to experts.

Furthermore, Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Seri Yahya Hussin stressed that livestock and poultry in Sabah is safe from virus infection. Rest assured the H7N9 did not come originate from Sabah.  

Last few weeks, appearance of H1N1 in Sabah infected a Sabah singer, children and it caretakers. Fortunately, the news media is doing a good job exposing such findings swiftly for the safety of public members.  

Will she recovers from H7N9 from Sabah private hospital ? It is still unknown but the doctor said she is in stable condition. So far, there is no death reported result of virus influenza.

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I’m a smooth criminal with the NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner

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Do You believe NIVEA In-shower skin condition can help reduce mosquito bites and enhance your lifestyle?

It is a profound scientific found or anythings. If you live in tropical country like Malaysia, Mosquito bite is very annoying and disturbing. Try apply NIVEA In-shower skin condition while shower, you will notice mosquito stay away from you because of the helpful chemical protecting layer of skin. Believe it or not it might reduce the rate of dengue fever infection. Besides, you might save a lot of money from buying Ridsect (Aerosol). Why do women are intelligent to use skin conditioner than men?

Women are generally believed that skin conditioner helps solve many problematic issues on the skin. It helps us moisturize our skin. It should be understood that skin play a vital role in human life. They are the most exposed to bacteria and viruses. Human skin is the largest organ and require regular attention. Most of the developed countries are encouraging people to use skin conditioner as least 2 times in a day. Skin area such as face, ears, neck and chests are very sensitive to environmental changes and the most frequent areas of the body known to develop skin cancer. These areas also require more attention than other skin area and they need moisturize to repair itself, which will allow younger skin cell to rise from surface.

Most of the Men would think that their skins do need to be taken care of or moisturized simply believed they are not an actor. Taking care of skin is merely a women stuff. But without the help of skin care products, those men tend to have dryer skins could cause sleepless night because of itchy and painful. Despite that, Men's bad odor generally make their friend stay away from them it also applied to women. Start using NIVEA skin conditioner now when bathing make it as a practice for odorless lifestyle.

There are a lot Skin Conditioner in the market You can buy but only few of them are fit for your skins. If you have sensitive skin, you are not encourage to use any skin conditioner until there is a green light by your doctor. If you are eager to use one I highly recommended NIVEA In-shower Skin Condition for your perfect skin. Nivea is a trusted brand ?

For your information, NIVEA is global skin and body care that is owned by German company Beiersdorf. The company was found 1882 even before most of us born in this world. They have wide research on skin product and use only those legitimate ingredients to make their product. If you never tried NIVEA skin care products you might need to ask yourself why or you might find the answer after purchasing one of them and try it.

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FIrst H1N1 Case in Malaysia 2014

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Sabah Health Department unveils H1N1 cases in various state's hospital affecting children.

After a week of diagnosing patient with various sophisticated medical tools, they confirmed the H1N1 cases in Sabah capital city Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan hospital. It has happened in the month of January on 2014. It most likely happened in Lunar New Year festival season. It is believed the report is delayed because they do not have sufficient equipment to test them effectively and also partly do not want public members panicking.

Borneo Post reported that it is not only children are affected by H1N1. It potentially affecting adult as there are adults being screened positive in H1N1 test although acknowledging adult people has stronger immune system. Patient are likely showing symptoms like cough, fever and flu. Public members are encouraged to stay away from them and they must take a H1N1 test in nearest hospital for the good of themselves and many. 

Director of Sabah Health Department Dr Christina Rundi said, among the immediate measures taken by the department against spreading of disease were given anti-virus shots to infected patient, expanding the screening process to all who had contacted with H1N1 carrier and disinfecting the ward. She also emphasize that staff working in the related hospital are wearing masks and wash their hand frequently as a preventative measure.

Thestar news portal further published the exact location medical practitioner determined the H1N1 cases was at Likas Women and Children hospital. Hospital director Dr Tan Bee Hwai said, five children and two adult caretakers had been tested positive for the flu virus. As a result, the entire ward of hospital located some 10kms from downtown Kota Kinabalu has been quarantined. 

History of H1N1 in Sabah showed that there were 944 infections in 2009 during H1N1 global pandemic and 26 cases in 2011. Although there are significant cases of H1N1 in Sabah, the sources and origins of H1N1 spreading in Sabah is yet to be uncover. 

 The question of the day can they successfully prevent spreading of H1N1 in Sabah ? They have the right tools and knowledge for doing that? Where is the source of H1N1?

February 13, 2014(update) - Patient diagnosed with H7N9

Author of commented on this H1N1 

H1N1 expertise believed that H1N1 can be killed by sun's hot ray temperature. H1N1 like to travel to the air if it in certain temperature most likely is in colder air. They are killed immediately exposing to certain tropical temperature like Malaysia. Most of the H1N1 history indicated that H1N1 travel north rather than going south as air is colder at north compared to south east asia. Unfortunately, airborne is only one of many ways H1N1 spread.