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11 Things to do during Ramadan in Malaysia

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Ramadan month started June 29 in Malaysia. Subsequently announced by Keeper of the Ruler's Seal

Ramadan month
Source : Awani Kosong Kosong

Fasting is obligatory to adult Muslim. One of the five pillars of Islam. It lasts for 29 or 30 days based on visual sightings of the crescent moon. Spiritual rewards thawab multiply during the month of Ramadan. In this month, there will be increased offering and recitation of Quran. Those who are able to fast is compulsory to them. Except for sick, traveler, pregnant, breastfeeding, diabetic or going through menstrual bleeding.

1. Zakat Al-Fitri

Every male and female muslim who are qualified to the terms and conditions must contribute fixed amount Zakat.

2. Visit Bazaar Ramadan

Visiting Bazaar is not necessary for Muslim. The joyful and unity environment are felt presence should not be missed. There will be increase number of street vendors selling all kind of delicious food and beverage catering everyone. It usually started on 4PM and seen closing on 8PM. Everyone like to go there to buy food and beverage prior sunset.

After sunset, this is a moment allowing them to eat the food and beverage purchased during visiting Bazaar Ramadan.

3. Tarawih Prayer

A special night prayer throughout 30days. Recite entire Quran or longer than usually did.

4. Suhoor/Sahur 

It is necessary to consume food and beverage as a pre-dawn meal rather than no meal at all. After this meal, there were no breakfast and lunch till the sunset.

5. Breaking fast rules

First drink water or eat Kumar/Tamar fruit. Breaking fast is important to do as fast as announced. The next thing will be Maghrib prayer.

6. Strain from prohibited to you by Allah

It usually mean avoid intimacy with spouse, say harsh words, deliberately produce semen.

7. Quit Smoking 

It bad for your health, people surrounding and your wealth.

8. Medicine tips

Liquid and pill are restricted to eat. Besides that, Inhaler for Asthma patient, Eye ear and nose drop as well. However, there were some medicine allowed. cream & lotion for external use and those injected to the body.

More tips at this site Awani guides to medicine consume during Ramadan

9. Clothes for coming Hari Raya

Rather than purchase after Ramadan ended, it is better to make early preparation. Avoid traffic congestion !

10. Government handout for coming Raya Aidilfitri

Take note for government bonus handout during this month. Penang government announced half-month bonus or minimum payment of RM600 for civil servants. Besides, Prime minister of Malaysia announced special aid for Government pensioners and civil servants from Grade 1 to Grade 54. They will get RM500.

In Shah Alam, Civil servants in Selangor will receive one month bonus for Hari Raya.

11 Hari Raya Aidilfitri cookies and cake

Cook or go nearest shopping mall for fresh and delicious Hari Raya cookies and cake.