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Watch Italy vs England World Cup 2014 on RTM 2

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Delayed LIVE streaming at RTM 2 June 15, 2014 England vs Italy match

Free to watch England vs Italy at Brazil World Cup 2014.  It will be started 2 hours after the game ended. That would be 8AM-10AM. As you can see schedule below. It indicated England vs Italy will be a delayed LIVE match by RTM. Italy vs England LIVE in Malaysian time is 6AM - 8AM.

We should be thankful and grateful that on June 15, 2014. Colombia vs Greece and Uruguay vs Costa Rica are LIVE matches. Not to forget in the same day there would be 3 great matches. The last match of FIFA World Cup 2014 on June 15 would be England vs Italy. One of the cant miss match.

Colombia vs Greece have already produced result. Colombia scored 3 - 0 Greece. However, Greece fought harder almost all the ball movement were controlled by Greece. In other hand Colombia, they were as calm as water. Strikers find opportunity to broke in Greece strong defense team. One of the goal was scored in the help of free kick.

No doubt Colombia vs Greece were intense but most of us will try to watch all three matches. Particularly the match between England versus Italy. Refer to the history of both team, Italy won FIFA World Cup 2014 for the fourth times. As for England, they were not really the strongest team although their fame is soaring high due to the media and celebrity-like soccer players.

Italy is a very solid and strong team. Balotelli strike of Italy is as famous as Wayne Rooney. Who will win the match between Italy versus England ?? A voting system have been made by LINE Event for Malaysian to vote. It seem like Italy is slightly favored by Malaysian.

Result : Italy 2 - 1 England

Source : RTM 2 Facebook

Don miss the chance to see delayed LIVE match by RTM 2. The time is as shown at this chart.