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10 Popular Job Portal Websites in Malaysia

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Perfect Job Sites for Malaysian looking for jobs ! These 10 job portals will satisfy You finding a jobs in Malaysia

It never been easy looking for a suitable jobs in any countries. What if we have a platform where employers and employees are gathered for purpose of employment? Online Job sites could be the best solution. Online Job sites is a medium where employees must register themselves first by putting personal information before applying online job application. 

It is fast, reliable and credible if you visit the specific and exact job portals. There are many job portals that existed solely helping employees and employers. In fact, some of the job portal do not guarantees the job portals you are visiting will yield good result for you.  What if you are visiting job portals that are credible and reliable ? Do you want your personal information fall to wrong hand ? 

These 10 job portals may or may not give you a perfect employment opportunities. It is certainly that they are very legitimate job portal will protect your personal information and comply with law. Many job in Malaysia are listed in these websites. Finding a job is never been that easy ! 

It is the same as If you are employer of company, you are encourage to advertise in these job portals. For example,, It is a job portal very popular among Malaysians and endorsed by Malaysian authorities.

1. Malaysiabar - Perfect sites for graduates looking for job that relating to law. Besides looking for job, It is a website concentrate on law news within Malaysia.

Jobstreet Malaysia
Jobstreet Malaysia

2. Jobstreet - Recognized by Malaysian human resource department and authority. Assure you the site is good for Malaysian.

3. Jobscentral - Good interface and very great support. It is deem as fastest growing job portal in Malaysia.

4. JOBDB - One of the many job portal in Malaysia.

5. SPA Malaysia - A job portal displaying various government related job. It actually owned by Malaysian government. Looking for government job ? This is the best platform.

6. Mystarjob - Owned by the same company who owned Star publication A prominent job site.

7. Maukerja - A job portal offering specific job at Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor. Finding peninsular west Malaysia job? One of the job site you should not miss visiting.

8. Jobsmalaysia - It seem like owned by Malaysian government. Resourceful job portal.

9. Monster - A very good job portal. You can search any job without boundary. If you choose to see any job being advertised in specific country, Pick the country and start search your favourite job

10. Careerjet - A search engine concentrating new available job. It just like google but a search engine only showing you jobs. Type accounting or finance whatever is your passion. Beside, you can choose to search job based on location the Careerjet search engine will come up search result focusing on the job location you have typed in. Search your best preferable job now ! Are you looking for international online job site?? Careerjet might be what you are looking for.

Malaysia No 1 Career Fair 2014 by Jobstreet

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150 Companies from various industries looking for talented, enthusiastic, and bright people in this Malaysia Career & Training Fair 2014

Are you looking for greener grass ? looking for employement? recently just resign from company you dislike? Are you interested meeting large number of people who is in your situation? This fair is estimated attracting 10,000 peoples. 

You might get a job from this fair or even get a friend to talk about your situation. This is not just a fair looking for a job but you could do many things like networking, listen to expert in respective company representative, taking brochures. This is a very healthy and the best event.

Malaysia Career & Training Fair or MCTF 2014 is a very an excellent platform and mean for many of us. Thank to Jobstreet, it is an online recruitment website presently covering in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippine, Indonesia and India. The Group is services 80,000 corporate customers and over 12 million job seeker. Jobstreet is listed on Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities.

MCTF 2014 will be held from March 7 - March 9, 2014. the event is open 10AM - 7PM. The venue for MCTF 2014 situated at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, Kuala Lumpur . 

More information Log on to MCTF 2014

Top companies in Malaysia such as Nestle Product, AIG Shared service, Media Prima, S P Setia, Shell, Dell Global, Honda automobile, Alliance Bank, HP, RHB, Tan Chong Motor and many more are participant in this groundbreaking fair.

These companies are specialize in fields for instance, FMCG, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Automotive, Banking, Engineering, IT, Telecommunication, Construction, Logistic, Retail and much more !