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Fish prices in Sabah is lowest during Lunar New Year 2014

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Among other states in Malaysia, Sabah fish prices is the lowest in most districts. 

In Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan website, there is a price controlled scheme for Chinese New Year 2014 lasts for 15 days from 26 January until 9 February 2014. It is to warned merchants do not raise their goods price as they wish. It acted as a guidelines for the consumer purchasing during Chinese New Year 2014. The motive is really clear that 13 goods listed inside the scheme is to ensure fair and just goods price to both buyers and sellers. 

There are 13 things listed inside comprised of chicken, egg, onions, pork meat. Check full list at here. It is very obvious and clear most of the goods price in west Malaysia and east Malaysia are different. Although Sabah has the lowest selling price in consumable fishes, all of the other good listed were higher compared to west Malaysia. Either onion, eggs or chicken are different price compared to West Malaysia. 

There is RM10.00 fishes price difference in West Malaysia and East Malaysia. However, Garlic, slaughtered chicken and eggs are slightly higher in Sabah and Sarawak compared to West Malaysia. Let say standard chicken and super chicken in Selangor costing around RM7.50 and RM8.30 respectively. In Sarawak, the price will be RM8.50 and RM9.50 respectively. In Sabah, the price will be Rm10 and Rm10.30 respectively. 

Conclusion, fish prices in Sabah is uniquely low and the only state offer price ranging Rm20.00 - Rm25.00. Other states including Sarawak prices are higher than Rm35.00.