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Kakao Talk New Smartphone Messaging apps in Malaysia

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South Korean based Smartphone Messaging Kakao Talk is popular among Malaysians 

Rising smartphone users in South East Asia particularly Malaysia are inevitable process. Most of Malaysian are holding a smartphone rather than a normal mobile with touch screen function either Android, iOS or blackberry powered mobile platform. Malaysia is one of the nation with highest numbers of population who owns two smartphones. The statistic is shocking and terrifying.

The expanding of messaging apps like Kakao Talk has very hard impact partly they hired our top singer Yuna being ambassador and also few Kpop artists as ambassadors. Besides, contribution of Malaysia does not have a messaging apps yet, most of the messaging apps we are using today imported by coutries such as Japan, Korea, China. they are manufacturer of these messaging apps LINE, Kakao Talk and Wechat.

You might be thinking we need to make a Malaysian made messaging apps, but the hope does not refrain us from using Kakao Talk right? We are enjoying Kakao Talk service as they expanding to Malaysia. There are survey being released out that more than 600,000 Malaysian are actively using Kakao Talk for free text messaging and video call simply using WiFi. The technology of charged mobile text messaging RM 0.01 are long gone and shall be a history when this app is fully maximized introduced to people and when people are start holding a smartphone instead of mobile phone. It is likely will take a while because older generations in 80s are still prefer older technology. They are in the age between 50-65

We have seen many Kakao Talk ads they are committed to penetrate Malaysian market advertising on Malaysia shore with many channels. Despite hiring Yuna, they also hired many local Malaysian Youtubers such as Jinnyboy, Gemini and Dmingthing.

Kakao Malaysia CNY 2014 banner
KakaoTalk Facebook wishing Happy CNY 2014

In the meantime, Kakao Talk make a small video clips for coming CNY 2014. Enjoy !