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Video JDT vs Kelantan 3-0 Piala Malaysia 2014

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Kelantan Coach was not accepting the fact defeated by JDT with 0 - 3 scores. 

Source : Stadiumastro dot com

The match successfully held at Stadium Sultan Muhammad ke-IV, Kota Bharu. The winner of the match is JDT with the score of 3 against 0 Kelantan. The fate is sealed Kelantan did not score for their audiences at the stadium against JDT.

Kelantan coach George Boateng run to the field trying to attack the on-duty referee as he believed there was many involvement of referee contributed to the scoring of JDT. In fact, Kelantan played harsh when JDT strikers approaching their goal.

Look carefully the referee has no choice but take out some yellow cards in his pant for Kelantan red colored jersey. Kelantan defender stopped the march of JDT strikers seemingly using faulty tactic. Besides, JDT defender does the same mistake stopping Kelantan strikers by faulty tactic leading to a yellow card.

Both team played well although Kelantan may have lost the match they are still going to play in the quarter-final Piala Malaysia 2014. JDT and Kelantan soccer squad are on the top of the ranking would not have any problem enter quarter-final Piala Malaysia 2014.