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Missing peoples in Malaysia 2014

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They are hoping to see their missing loved one. Let us make the world smaller and guide victim to their loved ones,

Sincerely to everyone extends your heart and hands to hope and help locate missing peoples in Malaysia. Official police portal missing persons database only showing missing person from 2012. The rest 2013 and 2014 were not being showed to the public.

All of the information here about missing persons if deemed violation of law, it will be taken down immediately by contact me or reply at the comment section. This post is sincerely from bottom of my heart to locate missing victims.

There were missing person being found by polices and there were missing person found by common people like you and me. 

Source belongs and from Awani Malaysia

1. Missing person name : Nur Rabiatul Afiqah

Date of missing : April 2014

Last known location : Restaurant at Plaza Pandan Malim

Detail : Victim was found lost when waiting to be picked up at her working place at a restaurant at Pandan Malim. From her friends, she was believed following a guy who she just known for 4 days. Her friends knows she get to know this guy from social media sites.

Relative Contact : Nizam 011-33150736

2. Missing person name : Low Meng Yew

Date of missing : May 2014

Last known location : Kota Kinabalu Atkinson Clock Tower, Petrol kiosk at Kampung Air

Detail : Incident related car theft at Kota Kinabalu sparked nationwide attention. He was sleeping at the car while his father take a nature call at nearby petrol station. He found lost with the car . The car have been tracked down at Kota Kinabalu Atkinson Clock Tower.

Relative Contact : Alex 019-9689888

Source :

3. Name : Faizaitul Aika Adli, 

Age : 13

Real Story : Found missing in her house by her mother at 10 am. Her mother curious the lamp is still on but it already morning. It was April 6, 2014

Contact : Insp Rahman Bin Kossim (019-9175503) or Sjn Rohaya Binti Mohammad (019-2745650) or Call Bera police station at (09-2508222) or nearby police station

4. Missing person name : Fauziah Binti Mustakim

Date of missing : April 2014

Last known location : Nearby Greenpen Freight Services office at Permas Jaya

Detail : Nowhere to be found when she was walking down the street to buy breakfast.

Relative Contact : Faizal 013-7738670

5. Missing person name : Chan Choy Ying

Date of missing : February 2014

Last known location : Kuala Lumpur

Detail : Driving alone from Sg Siput to KL. Approximately 10PM. She arrived at KL but exact location not known

Relative Contact : Jimmy 010 8201155

6. Missing person name : Ammar Muzakhir

Date of missing : June 5 2014

Last known location : Area Putra LRT at Gombak

Detail : Wearing Black T-shirt and long pant with blue color

Relative Contact : Khuzaini 0130233 4332

Nur Qairunnisa Samsun Majdi, 13, has not returned home since June 3. Source and belongs to BERNAMA pic

7. Missing person name : Nur Qairunnisa Samsun Majdi

Date of missing : June, 2014

Last known location : Leaving taxi with an unknown male in Pantai Johor

Detail : Her father lodged police report from Lorong Padi Emas, Pantai Johor. She is a student at SMK Alor Merah. She never picked up a single call from her parents yet.

Relative Contact : 0194629827

If any of the missing persons above have been found, please reply at the comment section or contact us our social media site to remove their information at this page. Thank you !

Missing persons in Malaysia's social media Facebook page : Kami Prihatin Facebook page 

Official Malaysian police missing person database : Missing persons by Malaysian police site