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Mountain Dew Neon Bottle now in Malaysia

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It lights up your dark room like nothing else

Mountain Dew Neon Bottle

It does not just want to lights up your room, the marketing team of Mountain Dew Malaysia decided to up lights up Kuala Lumpur city by setting up a lightning on landmark buildings. It give a chill how much marketing cost they have spent in order to make an awareness on their newest product.

It really cool to see a new carbonated soft drink taking over in term of marketing strategy over Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Mountain Dew original flavor is sweet citrus/lemon flavor.

Will Mountain Dew take the number 1 spot in carbonated soft drink business ? Certainly in the marketing side, they done a pretty good job and deserve a right spot in carbonated soft drink business.

Let neon your room tonight !  

Mountain Dew Universe votes for Blue Shock Flavor

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Mountain Dew Blue Shock one of the favorite flavor in Malaysia

This is a survey provided by Mountain Dew Malaysia in a contest. It seem like Mountain Dew blue shock votes outnumbered counterparts. I have deiced to find it out at nearest local store to try it out. I would like to advise all of them who drinks mountain dew to take it slowly or once in a while not to rush drink the whole bottle. 

I guess it too sweet to drink the whole bottle. I would take 4 days to drink 500ml of Mountain Dew Blue shock or more. 

  • Product            : Mountain Dew
  • Calories           : 240 KCAL, 62g Carb, 0g Protein, 62g Sugar
  • Net Weight      : 500ml
  • Status               : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Permanis Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor              : Blue Shock / Raspberry Citrus
  • Value               : RM 1.90 (Varies)
  • Website           :
  • Facebook         :

Mountain Dew is quite popular beverage right now I guess due to it extensive marketing effort. The brand sponsored some of the most well-received grand events.

Mountain Dew X Men Days of Future Past Contest

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X Men Days of Future Past The Best Hollywood Movie in May 2014

  • Product : Mountain Dew
  • Calories : 230 Kcal for 500ml 
  • Net Weight : 500ml
  • Status         : Halal
  • Manufacturer : Permanis Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor : Original (Lemon flavored carbonated drink)
  • Value : RM2.60 (7-Eleven) , RM 1.90 (Giant)

As soon as it came out that day for Malaysiam cinema, 3D tickets were bought for two. If you watch at Golden Screen Cinema GSC you would need to watch it at the exact date. But, I watch at cinema other than GSC it had this show peek which allowed cinema to show new movie one day earlier than the date of launching which most cinema in Malaysia such as GSC will be showing the new movie at the next day.

It happened for the movie Amazing spiderman 2. It supposed to be showing on Malaysian cinema at May 1, 2014 but I was able to watch it on April 30, 2014. So the same thing happened to the movie X men Days of Future Past as well. This movie so great. It emotional attachment is perfect and so many good actor and actress.

There were some really emotional scenes which will bring teary eyes to the audiences especially when Wolverine tried to convinced young professor X to look into his mind for the future incidents. I would rate this movie 10/10. However, it is not really favorite for some people. Some said, there were little fighting scenes. I must say introducing Flash into the movie is kind of funny and amazing. He is so fast !!

Back to Mountain Dew and X Men Days of Future Past, Mountain Dew Malaysia is giving out merchandise inspired by the movie. The only condition you need to meet is participate in the contest. If you like to earn your chance to win some X Men Days of Future Past merchandise, do not hesitate to join ! all you will need to buy Mountain Dew 500ML with selected flavor and follow the instruction !!

The contest will end on June 22, 2014. Grab your fair chance to win X men merchandise ! More information visit MountainDewMalaysia