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Nivea Malaysia Contest Stay Stain Free With Nivea Black & White

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Nivea Malaysia organized a contest everyone can win in every week just play this game

A game that fairly easy to play. I do not know how we can win prizes but certainly a very additive game to play. 

All we need to do is like their facebook page and start play the game follow the rules. The contest "Black & White challenge" is organized by Beiersdorf Malaysia which owned Nivea brand.

This contest run from February 7 until 13 April 2014. 

In the game you will be asked whether you are male or female. Choose respective gender and play the game. There will be a line of Nivea products and also non Nivea product. Pick the right Nivea product, drag it to the them. It is really easy !!

As you can see above, there will be leaderboard showing everyone scores. To increase chance of winning in every week, you are to collect the scores more than average people playing this game. A great game is meant to be shared like farmville or candy crush. Share with your friends at Facebook.

I am only managed to get less than 20,000 and get ranked at 380. You might get more score than me. Start playing now at Nivea Malaysia 2014 Black & White contest

I’m a smooth criminal with the NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner

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Do You believe NIVEA In-shower skin condition can help reduce mosquito bites and enhance your lifestyle?

It is a profound scientific found or anythings. If you live in tropical country like Malaysia, Mosquito bite is very annoying and disturbing. Try apply NIVEA In-shower skin condition while shower, you will notice mosquito stay away from you because of the helpful chemical protecting layer of skin. Believe it or not it might reduce the rate of dengue fever infection. Besides, you might save a lot of money from buying Ridsect (Aerosol). Why do women are intelligent to use skin conditioner than men?

Women are generally believed that skin conditioner helps solve many problematic issues on the skin. It helps us moisturize our skin. It should be understood that skin play a vital role in human life. They are the most exposed to bacteria and viruses. Human skin is the largest organ and require regular attention. Most of the developed countries are encouraging people to use skin conditioner as least 2 times in a day. Skin area such as face, ears, neck and chests are very sensitive to environmental changes and the most frequent areas of the body known to develop skin cancer. These areas also require more attention than other skin area and they need moisturize to repair itself, which will allow younger skin cell to rise from surface.

Most of the Men would think that their skins do need to be taken care of or moisturized simply believed they are not an actor. Taking care of skin is merely a women stuff. But without the help of skin care products, those men tend to have dryer skins could cause sleepless night because of itchy and painful. Despite that, Men's bad odor generally make their friend stay away from them it also applied to women. Start using NIVEA skin conditioner now when bathing make it as a practice for odorless lifestyle.

There are a lot Skin Conditioner in the market You can buy but only few of them are fit for your skins. If you have sensitive skin, you are not encourage to use any skin conditioner until there is a green light by your doctor. If you are eager to use one I highly recommended NIVEA In-shower Skin Condition for your perfect skin. Nivea is a trusted brand ?

For your information, NIVEA is global skin and body care that is owned by German company Beiersdorf. The company was found 1882 even before most of us born in this world. They have wide research on skin product and use only those legitimate ingredients to make their product. If you never tried NIVEA skin care products you might need to ask yourself why or you might find the answer after purchasing one of them and try it.

I never use a skin conditioner before, after using NIVEA skin conditioner it completely changed my life. I have better body odor with friends and also sleeping. On top of that, people are constantly compliment me on my healthy skin. It helps to keep dead skin cells, oily skin and acne away from my skin .

If you feel good using NIVEA In-shower skin condition you must spread the words to your friends and families for good especially to those who nagging their skins is dry and rough. Sharing is caring !

See this hot male and female models putting Nivea skin conditioner. They show you how and you can do it better !