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Events Schedule for 57th Merdeka Week 2014

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Exciting and Fun Events during Week of Celebration of National Day 2014

All the information can be obtained by visiting KKMM website. Original list of Merdeka week Event
Besides, some of the crucial information including official Malaysia Merdeka Facebook page Malaysia Merdeka official Facebook Page

Furthermore, you should know this Malaysia Merdeka Official website . What more, if you have interesting story, photo, videos. Make sure includes Hashtag #IniMalaysiaKita, #Merdeka57 


August 28 - September 1, 2014

  1. Aset Negara                                (Location : Perkarangan Parkir Stadium Merdeka)
  2. Perkampungan Belia & Kerjaya   (Location : Padang Merbok )
  3. Perkampungan Sains, Teknologi & Inovasi  (Location : Laman Tunku Abdul Rahman)
  4. Perkampungan Santai Seni                        (Location : Perkarangan Hadapan Pasar Seni)
  5. Autoshow Merdeka                                  (Location : Loading Bay Stadium Negara)
  6. Perkampungan Dunia Wanita & Si Comel (Location : Laman Wakaf Buta)
  7. Perkampungan Dunia Usahawan                (Location : front of Starpoint Hotel & front of Madras)
  8. Laman KKMM                                         (Location : KL central )
  9. Memori 57: Kuala Lumpur Vintage Festival 2014  (Location : Stadium Merdeka)
  10. PC Fair & Jualan Boom Merdeka                         (Location : Padang Merbok)

30 & 31 August, 2014

  1. Fiesta Blog Shop (Location : Dataran Medan Pasar)

29 & 31 August, 2014

  1. Memori ChowKit 2.0 (Location : Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, In front SOGO)

30 August, 2014

  1. Amanat Merdeka (Location : Saloma Bistro, MATIC Kuala Lumpur)

31 August, 2014

  1. National Day Marching (Location : Dataran Merdeka)

16 September, 2014

  1. Malaysia Day 2014 , (Location : Dataran Kipas, Miri, Sarawak)

Interesting video advertisements by Proton, Maxis and Petronas. 10 Best 57th Merdeka 2014 Ads and Video

10 Best 57th Merdeka Advertisement Video clips

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57th National Independence Day in Malaysia 2014. Some of the best video clips featuring Merdeka 2014


Title : We are family

2. Official Theme song for 57th Malaysia Independence Day

In Malaysia language, " DI SINI LAHIRNYA SEBUAH CINTA" . There are many version of it. More info at Lyric and Song



5. Malaysia Airlines #FLYINGHIGH

If you wish to listen to Yuna full song "Langit", visit here Langit Lyrics and song


Everyone is friendly we are family, an impression one felt depicted in Maxis video clip.

7. Merdeka with KL SOGO


Iconic for 57th Malaysia Merdeka Day. Upin & Ipin are accompany us celebrating this year Merdeka Day.You will see them often in this coming 57th merdeka. Upin & Ipin are virtual characters popular among Malaysian youngsters. The move to introducing Upin & Ipin as 57th Merdeka day Icon was inspired by a reason to make kids brought their parents to join Merdeka day.



Yuna "Langit" Song and Lyric

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Song Title : LANGIT
Director    : Linus Chung and Mohd Hisham Saleh
Producer   : Ag CoCo
Composer : Yuna and Ag CoCo
Lyricist      : Yuna
Label        : Yuna Room Records


I can see the skies
The birds are flying
Clouds are moving
What it like

The moon will be mine tonight
In my Dream I see myself fly

Terbang Terbang Tinggi Walau tanah di kakikan ku cari langit
Terbang Terbang Tinggi awan, biru menanti bersama pelangit

Always thought that I could be on my own
But make me feel alive and I do not feel alone
The moon will be my witness tonight
Coz in my dreams you and I are both fly

Terbang Terbang Tinggi Walau Tanah Di Kaki Kan Ku Cari Langit
Terbang Terbang Tinggi Awan Biru menanti bersama Pelangit


I can see the skies
The birds are flying

"Flying High" Short Film and Yuna New Song "Langit"

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Malaysia Airlines released a short film amid coming Malaysia 57th Independence Day

Source : Malaysia Airlines Facebook page

It is absolutely fantastic and amazing short film. Not only that, talented Yuna brand new song is just perfect for dramatizing the video even more. Yuna song seem to tell us the unbreakable chain of consistency and faith living within us despite all the challenges sent to this tiny country in this year. Everyone know what had happened without even the need of a words. The news spread across all the countries. Heart felt the sorrow and gloom rain upon us all in Malaysia. We are not mourning alone, the whole nations regardless of difference were sympathy us.

How many of us have our own story about Malaysia Independence day ?? I do not have any and as if I had I would not dare to go in front of the stage and share it to fellow classmate. Skip all of that, let hear what was Ahmad story about Malaysia Independence day.

It a beautiful story indeed. "Flying High" theme is not just Ahmad dream it a dream for all of us. We must achieve it with strong will and determination. Struggle is awaiting all of us ahead of the road. Will we just giving up because it too difficult to cope ??

Let us hope Malaysia Airlines which we know suffered tremendous blow to it business will get back to its glory day. Get up and face the trials together !!

Yuna is an amazing singer. She is been invited to various places outside Malaysia performing. Her best and top song is none other than this song. It made us teary eye. The 3 minute and 40 seconds song addressed thousand words. A song that portray a whole picture that make us cry.

~ Malaysia Airlines keep flying high on the wide skies ~ #FLYINGHIGH

Malaysia 57th Theme Malaysia, Where Love Grows

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57th Independence Day Theme - Malaysia, Where Love Grows or Di Sinilah Lahirnya Sebuah Cinta 


Cinta, Cinta kepada Nusa
Kini dan selamanya
Tak berbelah bagi
Cinta bergema sejarah kebangkitan
Semangat bagai Pahlawan
Alangkah Ong Bertuah nya

Kita rasa sayang dalam pada pertiwi ini
Kita terus berganding ke mercun

Disini Lahirnya, Sebuah Cinta
Cinta yang Semarakkan
Penyatuan Kita semua

Disini lahirnya Sebuah Cinta
Curahkan Sepenuhnya
Jasa dan Budi Kita
Segala Cabaran Kita Terus Tempuhi
Jangan ada yang leka
Tetap Berjuang

Disini Lahirnya Sebuah Cinta
Cinta Semarakkan
Penyatuan Kita Semua

Disini Lahirnya, Sebuah Cinta
Curahkan sepenuhnya
Jasa dan Budi Kita

Ayuhlah Berbakti, hingga akhirnya

More version of the song at Youtube