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Felda United vs JDT Semi-Final 2014

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OPPO Piala Malaysia 2014 Semi-Final to be held on October 25, 2014

Malaysia cup 2014 is gaining huge attentions it was not about the soccer squad or anything but when their supporters decided to put up a show that will create havoc in the stadium. It was so large-scale and emotional impacting when supporters of a team lost the match plus when the winning team was booing the loser side's supporters it will be a lost control situation. Imagine the crowd of full-house stadium there was news that Stadium tickets were not enough to cater the masses who wanted to witness the grand match. So, they just wait at outside till the guard off-duty they will jump into stadium for a glance of the match.

In an expected event,  Felda United training was disturbed by JDT fans deemed to be fanatic group of soccer fans. JDT will go against Felda United tonight at JDT's own soccer field. The fanatic JDT fans go to the extend that holding banner " No Way Out" or even there was a censored word "Hell".  

At Padang Seri Galam, a new winner will be emerged for final match of Malaysia cup 2014. Who do you think will win the match JDT or Felda United ?? As for the first match of semi-final between Pahang and Kedah, the match turned out to be overwhelmed by Pahang soccer squad at the score of 5 - 0. Kedah did not managed to secure even a goal.

Oppo sponsored Malaysia cup 2014

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Oppo is on spending spree for advertisements in order to mass attention

It used to be only Piala Malaysia 2014 but now it changed to OPPO Piala Malaysia 2014. It must means something I think Oppo is using this opportunity for part of its marketing strategies as long-term business and capturing smartphone market share in Malaysia. 

The smartphone brand based in China is one of the most advertised smartphone brand either in China or Malaysia. I have noticed that Oppo is everywhere manifesting at Shopping malls or even local cable TV shows. Turn on TV3 news on 8PM, you will see Oppo advertisement there.

Piala Malaysia 2014 is gaining momentum as advancing to final match will see strongest two soccer squada competing each other. In the meantime, Oppo unlike any other smartphone brands, took the bold steps in sponsoring the grand sport event. The figure remains unknown but it must be a huge figures. 

If you are soccer fans, you are most likely to notice those sideline advertisement boards around the soccer field. Oppo seem to have more than 2 sideline advertisement boards compared to other only 1. Besides, Oppo held a contest for any Malaysian who wish to join and win some tickets for final match of Malaysia cup 2014.


OPPO launched Find 7a and other Smartphones in Malaysia 2014

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OPPO flagship smartphone is only RM1598. The first LTE/4G smartphone by OPPO

In month of May, we have seen so many smartphones companies based in China unveiled one by one their flagship product to Malaysian market. First is Huawei, then OPPO and Xiaomi . They can make high-end quality smartphone without selling it higher price. They have a competitive advantage !

Although people generally look brands when buying a smartphone such as Samsung, Apple, Asus, Lenovo and Huawei. How these smartphone companies based in China compete with international brand ? First make the fact clear that everything practically made from China.

China smartphone brand such as OPPO does not have branding power outside of China although OPPO it quite popular within China with poster and heavy advertisement at popular mall and popular tv show. The thing is that they have a competitive edge that consumer will take seriously that would be price tag. OPPO and Xiaomi's flagship smartphone are being introduced to the market but confused a almost same hardware specifications with Samsung S5 costing RM2199 but they can put a price tag RM1598.

Take for example let look at smartphone OPPO Find 7a that would be unveiling soon in Malaysian market. The specification of OPPO Find 7a are 5.5" screen size with 538 PPI, LTE/4G network supported, Quad core processor, 13 megapixel camera with pure image 2.0 and CMOS sensor, 4k video recording with 1080p at 30fps. Many more !!

A normal smartphone experts would tell you that RM1598 for this smartphone is no doubt a marketing scheme because it does not make sense. Samsung Galaxy S5 just unveiled last month 2014 has the same hardware specifications. In fact, it is true that OPPO put Find 7a price tag at RM1598 for Malaysian fans.

To justify the argument, I am not saying the main point is which one is better than other ! it just Samsung Galaxy S5 will definitely won at some software side. Besides, Samsung is worldwide brand trusted by many consumers that could not be broken. It really self explanatory to compare both great smartphones. It is up to you to decide which one is buy !

Until you touch and use it by yourself, you will never know which one to buy ! Besides, OPPO introduced other two smartphone OPPO JOY and OPPO YOYO in prior the release of Find 7a.

OPPO Find 7a is successor of OPPO Find 5. The new Find 7a is yet to be released into Malaysia market. The date of releasing is May 15, 2014. Pre-order begin on April 16, 2014 and it will end on May 11, 2014. Surprise gifts will be send out in return for supporting OPPO in pre-order event. First 500 pre-orders will be receiving the gift package.

Interested to look at OPPO Find 7a predecessor ? It still look good to own it . Visit at Oppo Find 5 Import White

Official website :
Oppo Malaysia Facebook page :

Oppo Malaysia is launching something in May 2014

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OPPO is bringing good stuff to Malaysian on May 7. What are the good stuff? 

Oppo is so secretive on the products they will launch in Malaysia on May 7. As you may not know, Oppo is China based company and they have been heavily advertised the brand on popular China's TV show.

May seem like a good month for launching ? Previously in last month we have seen Huawei set foot in Malaysia it is one of the China smartphone company with third ranked in list of global smartphone manufacturer . They have opened up Huawei stores and introduced Huawei Honor 3C for Malaysian. It was a coincident that they have the same "Guess The price" contest ? Huawei' s contest had ended and they have promised to 100 users who joined the contest and won the guess the right price would get Huawei Honor 3C for free

Prior to May 7, 2014, Oppo Facebook introduced a "Guess the price" game on Oppo Find 7a. A very similar contest held by Huawei last month. However, Oppo Find 7a is much more sophisticated than Honor 3C. It could be the Oppo company flagship smartphone competing with giant smartphone brand such as Samsung, Apple, Lenovo and Huawei.

In the contest held by Oppo, there will be only 1 winner. The contest has started since yesterday on May 3 till May 7, 2014. 

Guess it now by following the rules at Oppo Facebook. Take your chance to get free Oppo Find 7a today !!