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Some groups rejected Government proposed GST in Malaysia

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From the early beginning before the handouts being implemented, the strategy of GST being implemented nationwide on April 2015 is conceived due to achieve progressive nation in 2020

Is this possible that it is part of government strategy in order to implement GST and getting trust of people, they rolled out handout for the poor? This is not the question of the day. The question would be whether government is sincere in helping lower and poor income bracket rakyat who made up the bottom of the society.

Handouts by government is increasingly main topic discussed especially older generation voters some even said it will bankrupt the nation, some said the government is generous in helping them. There are always mixed feeling and perception. The ideologies of elite and poorest remained in the big gap just like income of poor and high elite society.

We have seen government poured out millions and millions in handout to the specific group made up of the society. No doubt there were increasing in the amount of handout received by them from previous year. It is a good strategy before the implementation of GST. Will GST successfully implemented ?

GST is a good tax system and the implementation of GST in other country like Singapore is way before us. They are way ahead of us implemented GST in their own country. Singapore is top 10 richest and advanced country in the world. However, Malaysian are not educated about Good and Serviced Tax (GST).

May 1, 2014 GST protesters commented on the soon to be implemented Good and Service Tax system.

Have you watched the video, most of them are having a concept that GST will put burden on them. This also proven that government is still need more time in educating older generation and young generation what is GST all about !

Let take for an example of Obamacare, There were millions of Americans actually opposed this and that. In effort to educate them on Obamacare, they are now millions enrolled in this healthcare programme. Back to GST, exactly in 11 months GST will be implemented by the government. Will they able to understand what is GST all about ?

Illustration on GST of 6%

A group of people think that the current SST which is 16% will better than GST 6%.  Due to some reasons, GST will become 24% because in each chain will charge 6% more to other chain. Understand the first one.

There are so many version of GST and people are influenced by many version of GST. They got confused. They have the right to know every piece of information and Government have the role and responsibility to make their rakyat smarter.

We are willing to learn and this is our role ! In recent days, we have seen there are many business seminar catering the topic of GST. The part where they are asking a entry fee it will discourage public. We need a free seminar !