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Sabah Electricity Tariff is lower than West Malaysia

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There are difference in SESB and TNB. SESB is Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd while TNB is Tenaga Nasional Berhad. 

Sabah electricity vs TNB electricity tariff 2014

There were large usage of electricity during May 2014. There is a report said the highest in country history due to the current hot weather and dry spell. TNB general manager Omar Sidek said Malaysia recorded power usage of 16,583 MW on May 28.

Usage of electricity from 2 PM to 5 PM remained at peak every day. Experts warned everyone of us lowering the electricity consumption at that period. For example, regulating air conditioning between 23 and 25 Celsius, do ironing at night or washing machines and boil water during off peak periods. Besides, there were an advice on factories to operate machines at night rather than at day.

Our power management in Malaysia could be proved weak due to our electricity tariff policy is not strengthen enough. In South Korea, they have this seasoned tariff rate. On the peak period, the electricity tariff is slightly higher as for off peak period the electricity tariff is charged lower. Our electricity tariff is calculated based on fixed rate.

SESB electricity bill 2014
SESB Electricity Bill for 2014

In order to change factory operator mind, we need to polish our electricity tariff to help factory operator have a thought to operate at night rather than at day light. Despite that, studying the chart above Sabah electricity is cheaper than TNB the company controlling power supply at west Malaysia.

The chart above is leaned on home consumer rather than business. Business were using different tariff and will slightly lower favoring the business in Malaysia. Those who use more than 700 kwh as a consumer rather than business will be charge at RM 0.54 more or less. Not to mention there will be 1.6 % borne by consumer if their electricity tariff hit 301 KWH.

New Electricity tariff has been revised and imposed effective on January 1, 2014. Many people had experienced hike in their electricity bill. There were reasons behind all these. It is complicated to explain and understandable by most of us. So, we were being educated how to conserve electricity.

Moreover, it is a wrong perception that the new electricity tariff affected business in Malaysia the most. If you look at that the TNB or SESB website, there were two different tariff one is for business and the other one for business. In fact, home electricity tariff is more expensive than business operator. Businesses in Malaysia should not make excuses to increase their price without doing extensive research.

Fake Eggs detected in Malaysia shore 2014

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Fake eggs caught in a video alerting people importance to know how to differentiate fake and real eggs

One of the Malaysian tried to warned us about fake eggs in her video. She uploaded a video recording her discovery on the fake eggs she bought. It never detailed where and when she bought the eggs but pointed out Malaysian market is now having fake eggs. Again, she did not exposed how rampant or prevalence the selling of fake eggs

She uploaded a total of 4 videos about the fake eggs. The first video is absolutely favored by her Facebook friends shared almost 3,000 times. A short less than 1 minute video the most profound quote is " All the eggs I have bought put inside refrigerator were broken ". " I speculated Fake eggs is now at the Malaysia shore". 

Through our the her video, she was not confident enough to say " yes, it was all fake eggs. " . It seem like not convincing enough for most of us because she said the outer layer of the egg the egg white is too much solid. From this point of view, it did not have solid evidence it was a fake egg until we see the next video.

In the same day June 10, 2014, She uploaded the second video further proving her fake egg discovery. In the second video, she used English language rather than Mandarin. Nothing really happened until you see her third video about the fake eggs she bought. It was same date she uploaded her third video to her Facebook demonstrated the yellow yolk of the egg is like a ball .

How to identify a fake eggs

The white liquid at the side of the egg is "Chalaza"

  1. No Chalaza inside the egg to hold the yolk
  2. The yellow will mix with the white without stir
  3. Egg shell is slightly brighter with pigments
  4. It cheap
  5. Did not smell like real egg or raw meat
  6. a boiled egg solid yellow yolk that bounce

Apparently, this women has little or no knowledge and experience dealing with fake eggs. The way she spoken could be affected by news articles and youtube video about "fake eggs". There were no real measures being taught into the Malaysian society what are the disadvantages cooking a fake eggs. Simply watching lots of Youtube video, they taught us one thing that the egg is made by chemical substances. Some of the chemical were harmful. If it was harmful why there were no precaution measures by respective governments ??

The silence of fake eggs by the authorities seem to imply that fake eggs is pretty much consumable that why there were no strict regulations to the food and beverage industries. Why there were no education program that improve our awareness on fake eggs?? Food and beverage companies is overpowered authorities nowadays ??  

Speculations on Missing Plane of MH370 Photos and Videos

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A series of speculations and rumors about MH370  in the Internet have been incredibly amazing to see how people reacted to this incident

Someone have pointed out the fact read the red letters
This had been circulated on Internet someone took a picture right after the MH370 crashed. This is not the MH370 people are looking for !

It is not MH370
Don believe what you see in Internet ,Okay? Malaysia Airline does not look like that. Boeing 777 is much bigger than this ! 

Some said it is Atlantic Ocean rather than Indian Ocean. Source said it was captured on 2013 Atlantic Ocean when the storm raged the sea. Incredible right? 

This guy believed it is located at Diego Garcia. He is not the first to say this. I am repeating He is not the first to say the plane flew to Diego Garcia and landed at secret U.S military base

This is some serious title " Boeing Uninterruptible Autopiolt " claimed by author is retired Delta pilot. It means that the autopilot in Boeing can be overwrite by remote control. No one in the plane can drive it manually after autopilot taken control by unknown people flew the plane to unknown location..

TB Joshua's Prediction on Malaysia Airlines MH370 Prophecy. Kind of shock right ? The prediction was given during 2013. He say it would be an Asian country and huge aircraft.

Few days later after the incident happened, news reported the airplane diverted the direction is solid proof. It could ended up at Indian Ocean. As soon as it announced, at India TV show, Memory and soul healing expert from India, Ramachandra Guruji speaks to the souls of missing passengers of Malaysia Airlines on Live Kannada TV show. It was March 12, 2014 night.

Anonymous have something to say about MH370. Mainly speaking of semiconductor employees "Freescale". The conspiracy and etc

Allegations, Accusation, Speculation & Rumors

This is what she drew. Unbelievable !

Courtney Love found the plane . Well she claimed to found many things previously ! Come On (Disbelief) !

I know but It is way too much exaggerated right? 
Do not trust what the all of the Internet article . Do not !! Well, now you know You cant trust local newspaper too especially from Sunday Sport !

I am not MH370 nor the passengers and crews
I really hope this is real in the week of finding the MH370. They actually found the plane with survivors but it turned out the image is not MH370.

Lost TV Series poster
Have You watched "Lost" TV series? In "Lost" TV series, the plane crashed was a Boeing 777. However, the plane is found and recovered they did not said how much time they needed . The passengers in "Lost" TV series were all dead but they were trapped somewhere else ! It is just a dramatic Hollywood TV series

1. Political Fanatic & Pilot hijacking

The day before the incident, Captain Zacharie attended Malaysian opposition leader trial Anwar Ibrahim. The court is ruled not in favor Anwar Ibrahim. Some parties believed it was injustice action.

2. South China Sea Plane Wreck Satellite Imagery

At the first day of Search & Rescue mission, they starting to search South China Sea but later it found the plane took a turn flew to Indian Ocean. China and Vietnam both claimed their satellite captured imagery of debris.

3. Vietnamese found the plane wreckage said according to oil rig workers

On March 8, The day the missing Malaysian Airlines MH370 from civilian radar. Vietnamese reporter claimed to have sighted the plane wreckage site.

4. Chris's Goodfellow 's Electrical Fire Theory

Plane devoured by fire. They were unable to rescue the plane as all of the manual option inside the aircraft was malfunctioned.

5. Landing at Kunming province, related to terrorist attack, Taiwan received a call claimed to provide intelligent on terrorist organization. They received the call on March 4. 4 days prior the missing Malaysian Airlines.

Some claimed that It was at Kunming province the plane landed according to DigitalGlobe's satellite imagery website.

5. Lithium Battery in cargo burned the whole aircraft

Malaysia Airline Chief executive officer said there were significant amounts of Lithium battery at cargo. Some people developed a theory that Lithium battery is the cause of aircraft crash. There were a series of airplane crash incident due to lithium battery in the past

6. Stolen passports and Iranian boarded the MH370. Hijacking Theory

Two Iranian men carrying stolen passports boarded the plane.

7. Based on satellite ping signal, they developed theory the plane flew to North & South corridor. It could be landed at Pakistan or Afghanistan.

Malaysian officials unveiled it plans to seek the missing plane at norther corridor. They were requesting civilian satellite imagery and air traffic control tower information at each country. It involve Thailand, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and many more.

8. A distraction of news between Russia and Crimea Crisis

Amid the MH370 incident, there was a crisis between both nations. MH370 news quickly catch the world attention instead of focusing on the nation crisis. Do you believe MH370 was a distraction ? I don believe that but coincidentally everyone focus turned on the missing Malaysia Airliner while conflict at Crimea worsen

9. Blaming on Rothchild

It about the patent. 5 patent holders including J.Rothchild. When 4 of them gone missing in this incident. Patent right will be distributed to those who are alive. J.Rothchild got 100% control on the patent.

10.  LaWS weapon deployed

On March 6, U.S said they arey deploying weapon in a response to Putin's action on Crimea. Some individual or group claimed they launched LaWs weapon system on MH370.

11. Payback for the verdict convicted state of Israel guilty of genocide

In 2013, Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission established by Mahathir.M to investigate war crimes. Convicting state of Israel guilty of genocide. So the whole MH370 is about revenge??

12. Russian know where is the location of MH370

On April 13, 2014 - Russian newspaper published that the plane was hijacked by a guy codename "Hitch". Pilot was innocence he was instructed to do that by Hitch. The plane passenger are safe now at Afghanistan near Kandahar near the border of Pakistan.

13. Company found the debris of MH370 

Shocking that after the Russian newspaper published. Australian company based on Adelaide using high technology to find any lead. They pretty sure they found the debris but not confirmed. They are finding any MH370 debris on the north far away estimated 2,000 KM from where the authorities have been looking.

14. Malaysian women claimed saw debris on the way back from Umrah

Raja Dalelah Raja Latife claimed she saw a wreckage of plane which was partly submerged and partly arise in the Andaman waters. She was in Saudi Airlines's aircraft departing from Jeddah SV2058 at 3.30 AM Saudi time (Malaysian time about 8.30am). The plane passed over Chennai in India before entering the airspace of the Andaman Sea.

What altitude she saw the plane debris??

There are more to come. Some conspiracy theory have yet to surface. It will stop when human stop being critical thinking while authorities trying to stop us from speculating with reason it will emotionally and mentally hurt passenger and crew families badly. Stay tuned for #15 !! 

All of the above and articles were written by someone else I hold no responsibility on any of the above. Be moderation !

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