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Says Food Awards Malaysia 2014 Contest

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Stand a chance to win cash prizes worth RM25,000 . Everyone know how to take picture of a tasty food has higher chance

Says food awards 2014

A very creative vote-and-upload platform where abundant tasty food photos are stored in here for you to vote or you can upload your own tasty food photos. Seek no where but here for photos that will make you hungry and drooling in midnight. Everyone is uploading their most tasty foods pictures into this platform with optional provided location for your ease to find where is the restaurant serving that meal. The best part is you could be selected as the winner of cash prizes worth RM25,000

Take a food photo and win ! that is so easy . I am developing a thought that there will be gender inequality on the winners because most of the male forgot to take their food photo. They usually finished up everything or half way eating to be reminded to take a photo with their foods.

Capturing foods using smartphone or camera is a developing trend. A trend focused on those who born 80s and 90s . I don see our parents is leading this trend although they encourage or started doing it nowadays. What is so memorable capturing food photo if you eat it everyday ? 

Maybe because some of us think that food is a precious piece of art. It could be right ! I mean our future children would want to flip back photos what did we eat right in last decade or last 20 years ! Wait, there is another good reason why people like to take food photo, because they want us to feel hungry, pitiful and jealous. It is not entirely true but part of it is right !

I have seen people editing those food photos just to make it more tastier and more starving. Looking at Mcdonald and KFC advertisements you will see a very good looking meal inside the photo but when you go to Mcdonald and buy them. It is not what you think the size, the amount and the texture. They mess up our brain system who are managing the food sector by a pretty food photo .

I guess we cant sue them because you often will see a small print written "It is just for advertisement, it is for illustration purpose". Commercial companies always using the advantage of advertisement to attract more business. Why ? Because to some extend it is actually legal to do that. Commercial company always can refute that it is how the public to see the advertisement. 

Ok ! back to Says Food awards how do we win this contest ? Firstly, we need a smartphone to do that 

How to join this contest 

1. Download Free "OpenSnap" apps to your Iphone or android phone

2. Snap & upload photos nominate your favorite food places with hashtag #SAYSFoodAwards

3. Vote or get your friend to like your food photo to be eligible winner of this contest


1. 40 most liked photos each win RM 500 cash prize

2. 50 OpenSnap users will win RM100 each 

3. Top 10 restaurants will receive Says Food Awards

Contest started on May 5 and will end on June 5. Start download the app and vote your favorite delicious dishes !