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Oppo Malaysia is launching something in May 2014

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OPPO is bringing good stuff to Malaysian on May 7. What are the good stuff? 

Oppo is so secretive on the products they will launch in Malaysia on May 7. As you may not know, Oppo is China based company and they have been heavily advertised the brand on popular China's TV show.

May seem like a good month for launching ? Previously in last month we have seen Huawei set foot in Malaysia it is one of the China smartphone company with third ranked in list of global smartphone manufacturer . They have opened up Huawei stores and introduced Huawei Honor 3C for Malaysian. It was a coincident that they have the same "Guess The price" contest ? Huawei' s contest had ended and they have promised to 100 users who joined the contest and won the guess the right price would get Huawei Honor 3C for free

Prior to May 7, 2014, Oppo Facebook introduced a "Guess the price" game on Oppo Find 7a. A very similar contest held by Huawei last month. However, Oppo Find 7a is much more sophisticated than Honor 3C. It could be the Oppo company flagship smartphone competing with giant smartphone brand such as Samsung, Apple, Lenovo and Huawei.

In the contest held by Oppo, there will be only 1 winner. The contest has started since yesterday on May 3 till May 7, 2014. 

Guess it now by following the rules at Oppo Facebook. Take your chance to get free Oppo Find 7a today !!