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SugarBun Restaurant at Gaya Street

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A strategic place opening up SugarBun restaurant

SugarBun restaurant Jalan Gaya Kota Kinabalu

A fully renovated or refurbished Sugarbun now open for business. Order and support homegrown fast food restaurant. The quality and tastiness is unrivaled. Besides, This Sugarbun outlet opened at the middle of most vibrant place during the night at popular Gaya Street where the foreigners staying nearby gathered.

SugarBun aroma rice and chicken

3 layer tea and mouth-watering aroma rice with marinated chicken that really brighten up the day.

SugarBun aroma rice and marinated sauce chicken

A closer look and non-aerial shot, I believe you are now hungry. It worth your time and money if you have yet taste it with your tongue. Our first homegrown fast food restaurant has been in the business for more than 30 years.

However, it seem like SugarBun still require large market share in Malaysia in order to combat rising cost of food and invest more in creating more delicious menu. I have seen some SugarBun outlets closed its door it might be due to problem in sustaining business expenditure.

It will be another atmosphere as the day get darker. The sun is still shining bright at Gaya Street Sugarbun outlet. Most of the frequent patrons are still preparing to come out.