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Watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie

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April O Neil : They are Turtles, Mutant, Ninja. I save them escaping from the fire of the lab. They taught by a rat. 

I was shocked twice by this movie. First when April O Neil (Megan Fox) sneaking at subway station trying to see for herself Foot Clan activity. Suddenly, there is a member of Foot Clan captured her at the back. The scene turned unusually quiet and calm. then out of nowhere she was captured I was like where that guy coming from ?

Second, the scene when Leonardo suddenly came out of nowhere and started screaming to the driver who is a cameraman for channel six. I was like You scared the sh!t out of me. Vernon was having a conversation with April at that van kind of like a seducing and awkward conversation then it was cut short by a talking turtle. Well, some of the audience were jump scare immune so, I do not expect everyone got jump out of the seat for these two scenes.

I not a fan of turtle movie mainly because watching too much CGI movies this year pretty much the new Apes movie was a made up by CGI, Godzilla, Transformers, newly released movie with Groot and Rocket However, I have no doubt Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles got some wow action scene. I bet you remember the last scene Mickey mistakenly pressed a button sending a rocket blow up Vernon new company-sponsored car right ?

I think it implying that Michael Bay tried to say that I wanted to prove that I am the producer of the movie and  it mean there will be another car got blow up scene in this movie. Besides, one thing you can rest assured that Michael Bay always have pretty and talented actress on his movie for example in this year movie we have seen in Transformers 4 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Speaking about the action scenes, there were not much in the starter of the movie. The fight between Shredder and Sensei Rat was one of the best ever. Besides, everyone must love the skating lorry in a uneven snow-capped edge where four ninja turtles showing their teamwork battling Foot Clan meanwhile they were rushing to stop Shredder and from releasing toxic substances to the air harming New York city and it people. Moreover, the final battle with Shredder with the buck-buck tactic.

There were a lot of laughable scenes in this movie, first of all, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles felt enormous awkward when April O Neil found out they are celebrating at the top of the tower after the train battle with Foot Clan. Four ninja turtles pretended did not went above the sewer in front of their master. Furthermore, Rat tried to attract mickey with Italy Pizza while they were performing punishment. The funniest scene belongs to the elevator to the 56 floors where they seem to amuse themselves by performing a random combination of music.

There were numbered sad scenes in this movie. One of the profound one had to be that rat Sensei repeatedly beaten up by Shredder and told his son stay away from fighting with Shredder by closing the gates. On top of that, the falling of the structure the scene featuring Raphael confessed his friendship.

Critic of the movie is that some of us grown man were watching this movie with those kids beside or surrounding. It like this movie is meant to be a kids movie rather a grown up one. The kids were like facing us with the expression " Are you still watching this " ? The story about the rat found a ninja book and taught to four turtles was absurd. It even ridiculous that four mutant ninja turtles love pop songs except the rat sensei. It was unacceptable that turtle shell could reflect or deflect bullets although round and rough seem to be possible. With that kind of shell, I thought turtle supposed to be a slow creature but we are watching a pretty strong turtle that could stand up with both leg and just two toes.