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10 Things to Know about Tabin Wildlife Reserve

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One of the tourist destination in Sabah to the far east

A door to a Dipterocarp forest or well known as Rain forest in North Borneo. Away from oil palm trees you will see for yourselves the magnificent Mengaris tree on your way to Tabin Wildlife Reserve.

In the daytime, you will have a chance to see primitive in North Borneo. Such as, Macaque and Gibbon. When the night fall, leopard cat and flying squirrel are presence. Besides, Borneo Pygmy Elephant and Horn bill are living within the perimeter. In the river, sometimes, Egrets and otter swimming around seeking new home.

  1. The water are sterilized although the color might be a little bit of yellowish. ( I have no problem with the water after stayed there for 1 week)
  2. Canned soft drinks and alcohols were sold.
  3. Bring raincoats prepare especially for raining season.
  4. Mud volcanoes with mud certificate.
  5. There were electricity generator reset at fixed time. Blackout for 30 seconds was not that bad.
  6. Bring some essential medicines the hospital or private clinic is 1 and half hour away.
  7.  Best time visiting Tabin Wildlife Reserve and high season is in the month of  February to October.
  8. Book your reservation at Lahad Datu airport is possible.
  9. Bring binocular for bird watching.
  10. Do not feed the animals especially primitive one with 90% human DNA similarity.

Maswings plane
It illegal take an image of the plane at this proximity but no one seem noticing 

The fastest option to Tabin Wildlife Reserve is depart by plane arrive at a rapidly growing town "Lahad Datu". I believe there was only one aviation company operating to Lahad Datu it is "Maswings". Took approximately 1 hour to reach there from Kota Kinabalu (Capital city of Sabah) to Lahad Datu.

As soon as you have arrived to Lahad Datu airport, there is a Tabin Wildlife Reserve's office nearby within the airport your inquiry they would gladly answer.

Lahad Datu Sumatran Rhino statue
Rhino Statue at Lahad Datu

Sumatran Rhino statue next to Lahad Datu airport. They are facing population extinction and one of the protected animal in Sabah.

Tabin Wildlife Reserve entrance

It takes 1 hour and half to reach Tabin Wildlife Reserve from Lahad Datu Airport and away from vast oil palm trees. 

Tabin Wildlife Reserve buffet lunch
Plain rice, shrimp, fried chicken meat
We were served buffet-styled lunch. There were alcohols and some canned carbonated soft drinks to be purchased. 

Tabin Wildlife Reserve Coffee & Tea
Coffee or Tea ??

Drink tea if you have just standing there feel the rain coming down hitting your face. It will help a lot get one better tomorrow. Besides, one could opt for morning coffee.

River lodge Tabin Wildlife Reserve

There is a nearby river at this lodge. Sometimes, gibbon or macaques might knock door it was not that uncommon. One will see hornbill at the morning and owl at the night. River lodge is big enough for three persons.

Tabin wildlife Reserve bridge to otter trail and hill lodge

Notice that bridge, it leads you to otter trail where a nature guide will take you go through rain forest explaining trees and plants. Mind you that giant forest ants and brown leech are presence inside. Wear some long sock, comfortable shoes and bring some rain coat if possible. If you do not want dirty your shoes, there are some shoes from Tabin Wildlife Reserve.

Besides, this is a way to hill lodge.

Tabin Wildlife Reserve Hill lodge

500ml mineral water everyday is served. One could turn on the air-conditioner if you feel the weather is hot. In fact, living nearby a flowing river and within rain forest, you will feel like the humidity on your bed.

Tabin Wildlife Reserve Restaurant during the night time

There is only one restaurant you could go at Tabin Wildlife Reserve. Local internet connection is weak although they use local broadband company such as streamyx or celcom or whatever. But, calling and messaging should not have any problem. Whatsapp, LINE, Wechat smartphone application are affected but bearable.

Tabin Wildlife Reserve Dipterocarp forest

Some of the things you will see in "otter trail" are Lantern Bug, Mengaris Tree, Liana Vine, Rengas, Memosa, Wild ginger, giant ant, coral fungus, earth worm, brown leeches, ebony trees and wait-till-you-see-it.

Trip to mud volcano Tabin Wildlife Reserve
Nature guide is doing routine dos and don's

Do not feed animal , do not leave anything but footprint do not take anything but photograph, do not provoke. These are some wisdom from experienced and veteran nature guide. First of all, we need to do some grabbing when riding the 4 wheel truck because the road ahead is way too bumpy. 1 4 wheel truck could carry 12 persons. We were doing this mud volcano something like 2PM the weather was good although there were some rain on the way to mud volcano.

North Borneo Pygmy Elephant Dung
Elephant Dung

There is a distance where the road is inaccessible by 4 wheel truck we must walk to the mud volcano. 4 wheel truck will wait outside. We were very lucky witnessing horn bill, wild boar along the bumpy trip. Before the walk, we were briefed that there were pygmy elephants just passed the sole road to mud volcano. As if there were elephants standing our way, we would need to turn our way around and call it a day. 

Fortunately, there were no elephants standing against our way !! we have found some fresh elephant dung it was not smelly at all guessing because the strong smell of mud covered it

Mud volcanoes Tabin wildlife reserve experience

Some people covered themselves with the mud volcano to the extend no parts of the body was clean. 

Tabin Wildlife Reserve cleaning up after mud volcano

Exhausted trip to mud volcano at Tabin Wildlife Reserve. It time for shower cleaning up boot, clothes and mud on body.

Night safari Tabin Wildlife Reserve

It was an insane night a trip to the jungle watching some active-on-night creatures. There were gliding squirrel and leopard cat. Most of the time enjoying the night landscape, the stars and moon. 

It was a great getaway and this is the end of journey at one of the tourist destination in North Borneo/Sabah Tabin Wildlife reserve

Matta Fair 2014 will be held on March

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Biggest Tour & Travel Agents in Malaysia. MATTA fair over 1,000 Booths has been occupied.  

Matta Fair

Malaysian Associations of Travel and Tour Agents is confident that the fair which will be held on March 14 till March 16, 2014 could attract more than 100,000 visitors. The event planner decision for the venue is at Putrajaya World Trade Centre (PWTC)

Judy Cheah chairman of MATTA, She is expecting achieve sales over RM150 Million in MATTA fair 2014. She said, after all people still need to go travel despite pressure from rising cost of living.

She continue to talk about the fair held in 2013 last year which attracted over 100,000 visitor in March. The second MATTA fair 2013 organized in the month of September have been receiving 80,000 visitors. Furthermore, she explained MATTA had spent RM1mil in order to promote this event. She hopes the fair will be very well-received by the public members although the fair offered discounted travel package, it does not mean the quality of the package is lowered. Patron should realized that the discount is the result of subsidies by national airlines and national tourist offices.

In order to make the fair more vibrant and memorable for visitors, Attractive prizes will be given for lucky winner in MATTA 2014. Buyer Draws Contest, anyone who purchase over RM500 is entitled 1 entry. The grand prizes will be two business class flight tickets to London worth RM53,000. 

In conjunction of Visit Malaysia 2014, there will be VMY2014 draw Contest. Minimum purchase of any domestic packages which mean You will be travelling within Malaysia. The prices of the package exceeded RM200 will be entitled entry to VMY 2014 lucky draw contest. Let say you purchase a domestic package worth RM1,000 , You are entitled VMY lucky draw contest as well as the RM500 Buyer Contest.

Beside Buyer and VMY lucky draw contest, there are hourly draw contest which the winners will be announced by organizer. 5 prizes will be giveaway every hour from 11AM - 7PM. Daily from 14-16 March 2014

All of the contests above are required You to safekeeping official receipts as a proof as if you announced as the winner of contest. Besides, there is a secret code will be given at Registration counter so do not forget to check them in prior !

Please be reminded the entry to the fair is chargeable. The entry ticket is priced at RM4. Pre-order is available at MATTA Fair 2014

Patient diagnosed with H7N9 in Sabah 2014

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A Tourist diagnosed in a test positive carrying H7N9 after felt sick travelling to many attractive places in Kota Kinabalu 

When global epidemic H1N1 few years back, the tourism industry fell to the ground hotels and attractive places left empty people are feared for the dangerous infection. In the year of "Visit Malaysia 2014", Malaysian opted to attract large numbers of visitors to the country by mass marketing and organizing various international events.

H7N9 will gravely impact tourism in Sabah and many people who are working in related industry will be laid off to save cost. The Health Minister of Sabah has confirmed first H7N9 carried by a female tourist from China. A 67 year old chinese women infected by H7N9, who travelled from Guangdong, China to Kuala Lumpur on February 4. 

The women felt body weakened and decided to visit private hospital while travelling in Kota Kinabalu. After two screenings, she was told by doctor the sample was tested positive in H7N9. Dr Subramaniam said, there is no need for panic because H7N9 human transmission is very low.

For your information, H7N9 is a new virus variant and the sources of the virus were likely coming from China. It is a new virus therefore no cure is formulated by virus expert. China biggest livestock market was identified for the cause of infection outbreak.. The livestock in Malaysia is very much not infected.

Although there is no cure formulated for H7N9, Malaysian are unlikely infected by the virus because the weather is so hot the airborne virus would be killed before infecting people. Meanwhile, if you are travelling to China and visit their poultry market, you are likely to be infected by H7N9. The reason for no cure is simply because when China shut down their livestock market and do disinfection, the virus will gone and there is no need for a vaccine that could cost billion making them commercially according to experts.

Furthermore, Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Seri Yahya Hussin stressed that livestock and poultry in Sabah is safe from virus infection. Rest assured the H7N9 did not come originate from Sabah.  

Last few weeks, appearance of H1N1 in Sabah infected a Sabah singer, children and it caretakers. Fortunately, the news media is doing a good job exposing such findings swiftly for the safety of public members.  

Will she recovers from H7N9 from Sabah private hospital ? It is still unknown but the doctor said she is in stable condition. So far, there is no death reported result of virus influenza.

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