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Singapore to Kuala Lumpur during covid 19

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Kranji MRT > Woodland train checkpoint > Malaysia's Woodland train > Johor Bahru Terminal >Larkin Terminal > Kuala Lumpur Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS)

Singapore buses will alight passengers at Woodland train station.

The reason to leave Singapore was due to expiration of visit pass. At Kranji MRT bus station, the usual crowd waiting for 170x and causeway link bus were all gone. I had to go to the opposite of Kranji MRT bus station for a bus.

Coronavirus pandemic is as scary as economic impact brought upon us all.

woodlands CIQ to JB sentral
Woodlands CIQ to JB sentral

There were literally no bus at first causeway bridge. Walk to Johor Bahru Custom Immigration and Quarantine or take the train. The first option can break my arm and leg though. Good thing about the train was passport checked by both countries custom before departs with KTM till reach Johor Bahru centre.

SGD 5 for one way train trip to Johor. An usual one way trip bus would probably cost you only 1 dollar or RM3.00.

KTM singapore woodland to Johor bahru
KTM to Johor Bahru. Empty seats 

One Singaporean had been rejected to Malaysia due to the movement control order. Likewise, Malaysian cant enter Singapore for any visit. In recent, Singapore does not impose any movement restriction but will not taking in any visitor with short term visit pass.

SMRT bus
On the way to Johor Bahru Larkin terminal

RM1.70 to Larkin Terminal from Johor Bahru Centre Terminal.

Larkin Terminal Johor Bahru to TBS
Johor Bahru Larkin Terminal to TBS

I have planned this trip even before the announcement of MCO. Today is the fourth day of movement control order due to the Coronavirus and I was not done it deliberately. I was desperately wanted to go Malaysia due to Singapore would fine me for staying longer than intended.

It took less than 4 hours from JB to KL. Less than 6 persons on board the bus and there is no resting time. Cost me RM35.00 one-way ticket to Kuala Lumpur Terminal Bersepadu Selatan.

Larkin Terminal MCO
Social distancing measure

Malaysia implemented social distancing at Larkin Terminal bus waiting area.

Billion star bus

The bus did not departed on time. Probably wanted more passenger before off to TBS. Estimated departure time was 3.30. It was a really fast trip as there were no traffic congestion.

Johor bahru to TBS
Google Map from Johor Bahru Terminal to Kuala Lumpur TBS

Currently not feeling very well. Having sore throat and flu after the trip due to new environment.The 14-days quarantine news was very shocking and saddening.

If time machine did exist, I would travel back to February 2020. I would have find a job and stay in Singapore.

Singapore to Johor Bahru Airport to Tawau Airport

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Singapore > Johor Bahru Airport > Tawau Airport

Why would anyone from Singapore picks Senai airport service ? Well, Singapore Changi airport is located at East side of Singapore. It is quite far away for those living at north side and west side of Singapore. Senai airport provides alternative to your air travel experience.

From Singapore's Kranji MRT station, hop into one of the bus to Johor Bahru CIQ (custom immigration and quarantine). There are two options, 170x or The yellow causeway link bus. 

Ezlink Card or Nets can be used on 170x,
Yellow causeway Link bus accepts Malaysia Ringgit.

CW1 kranji MRT to Johor
Present your ticket to Singapore bus staff and Malaysia bus staff when required

In order to avoid confusion, you are required to have the bus ticket with you all the time until you reach your destination such as Larkin terminal or Johor Bahru City Centre. Passenger will be alighted at woodland checkpoint. Passport are required at this point by Singapore authority.

Causeway link Bridge

Causeway link bridge is one of the iconic architecture. Besides, the breeze wind and the sunset are not to be missed. Hope you have a enjoyable journey !

JBCC to Senai airport ticket RM8
Senai airport bus from JBCC

After have your passport checked by Malaysia authorities, there are two bus stations. Before the Starbucks, there is a bus kiosk where you can buy Causeway Link bus to Senai airport. The ticket is RM8.

Grab from JBCIQ to Senai airport
Grab price RM35

Grab is no cheaper than the bus. But, you may opt for grab with your companion. As if you are travelling alone, you would choose the cheapest option.

Senai airport is one of the close proximity to Changi airport. Fret not, low cost Malaysia airline Airasia kiosks are available should you need any assistance on flight check-in and most importantly to print out your travel itinerary with Airasia.

Johor Bahru to Tawau with Airasia flight RM223

Bought a flight ticket at last few days will cost you a fortune. You could have the flight ticket lesser than RM200. The flight from Johor Bahru to Tawau is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Tawau is known for its cheap seafood. If you are a fan of seafood, join thousands of travelers around the world hunting for the delicious, fresh and economical seafood. Besides, you could get to Semporna from Tawau airport. At this place, you get to do scuba diving and have a seafood feast.

Lunar New Year Singapore 2020

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Year 2020 is a year of mouse according to Chinese zodiac. 

Photos taken on month of January 2020. 


Bright blue sky at Singapore Chinatown. The street is filled with all the people seeking foods and local attractions. In case you did not noticed there were China travelers bought all the masks to be brought home.

buddha tooth temple

One of the significant landmark at Singapore's Chinatown is Buddha tooth temple. 

buddha tooth temple

This is some really incredible place. The strong smell of burnt incense. The amounts of people praying inside the temple.

They are having a blast here. TsingTao beer bottle can be seen on the table. This place is People's Park complex.

kampung admiralty

Gathering at Kampung Admiralty is just pure amazing. Lion dance performance was superb.

clarke quay

Business are usual at Clarke Quay. The night lights will surely captivates any patron eyes. The wonderful river side is always so calm and serene.

Stunning view of garden by the bay plus traditional orchestra. Everyone was enjoying the evening with songs and greenery.landscape.

One of the top 10 places you must visit in Singapore, The Float. During the Chinese new year, the theme for this event is river hongbao 2020. There are dancing and singing performance. Some really interesting folklore and 12 Chinese zodiac animals display. Security check due to having VIP guests on the event for opening ceremony.

giant fortune guy

Giant God of fortune got everyone took out their smartphone for a quick selfie.

Fireworks are expected everyday. Besides, Chingay 2020 is an event you do not want to miss. Did you see the smoke screen ? It was caused by fireworks.

Spectra light and water show nearby the Shoppe Marina Bay Sand Mall. Everyone was Chilling and relax. No one seem to understand the amazing soothing feeling when the sea wind blowing towards faces. 

Journey to Gurney Plaza by Rapid Bus and Ferry

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Embark a trip from Sunway Carnival Mall Bus Stop to Penang's Gurney Plaza

Penang Rapid Bus Ticket

Public Transportation is always the ideal choice as to keep all the cash on the food expenses. There is a nice bus stop located just nearby Billion store and Sunway Carnival Mall. Many buses stopped here , take the bus showing " Jetty" . Ask the driver they know best ! From this point, the bus will take you to various bus stops before heading to Jetty. One of the bus stop is Hospital Seberang Jaya.

Rapid Bus from Sunway Carnival Mall to Jetty
Inside the rapid bus

Comfortable seats and air-condition equipped. One should always prepare enough coins before boarding as the bus driver would not have any spare money for big bank notes. 

Penang Jetty Walkway
On the way to Penang Jetty Waiting Place

It took one hour more or less depend on the traffic condition. As soon as one arrived the last bus checkpoint "Jetty", there are lots of buses parked at there. Follow the crowd to a passage and head to Jetty area. It was an amazing up and down route crossing sky bridge to get to the Jetty waiting place.

RM1.20 ferry ride to Penang
Pay for a ferry ride to Penang Island

Get your coins ready before entering to "Jetty's waiting place". The gate is not functioning well so put more coins. I have inserted more than RM 1.20 worth of coins. Queue up to get some old coins as the staff said the gate recognize old coins rather than the new coin. 

Ample seats for passengers waiting for next ferry. Rushing in once the yellow gate opened. Feeling nervous there would not be enough ferry seats being forced to wait another ferry. Relieved, the ferry able to get loads of passengers on board. 

Penang Ferry
Glimpse on the other side of the land, Peneng here I come! (Actually Penang Laksa)

Toilets, eateries stall are available. The ferry transporting peoples and automobile.

Penang Bus 101

The most favorite bus of all the tourists. Rapid bus no. 101. Take you from the jetty all the way to Teluk Bahang. In the route, it pass Chulia Street, Komtar and Gurney Plaza. It takes more or less RM2.00 per trip.

Gurney Plaza

~You have arrived to your desired destination~

Penang Beef Noodle

Walking down a short distance from the Weld Quey jetty to Chulia Street. There is a stall serving Beef Noodle and Fried Oyster with Egg.

Fried Oyster with Egg

Fairly easy and inexpensive one-day trip. Thank God and all the peoples. Spent RM 5.00 for a overwhelmingly fun trip. There is no fee taking ferry back to Butterworth / Mainland. Considering it was RM0.60 for a ferry return trip

Matta Fair 2014 will be held on March

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Biggest Tour & Travel Agents in Malaysia. MATTA fair over 1,000 Booths has been occupied.  

Matta Fair

Malaysian Associations of Travel and Tour Agents is confident that the fair which will be held on March 14 till March 16, 2014 could attract more than 100,000 visitors. The event planner decision for the venue is at Putrajaya World Trade Centre (PWTC)

Judy Cheah chairman of MATTA, She is expecting achieve sales over RM150 Million in MATTA fair 2014. She said, after all people still need to go travel despite pressure from rising cost of living.

She continue to talk about the fair held in 2013 last year which attracted over 100,000 visitor in March. The second MATTA fair 2013 organized in the month of September have been receiving 80,000 visitors. Furthermore, she explained MATTA had spent RM1mil in order to promote this event. She hopes the fair will be very well-received by the public members although the fair offered discounted travel package, it does not mean the quality of the package is lowered. Patron should realized that the discount is the result of subsidies by national airlines and national tourist offices.

In order to make the fair more vibrant and memorable for visitors, Attractive prizes will be given for lucky winner in MATTA 2014. Buyer Draws Contest, anyone who purchase over RM500 is entitled 1 entry. The grand prizes will be two business class flight tickets to London worth RM53,000. 

In conjunction of Visit Malaysia 2014, there will be VMY2014 draw Contest. Minimum purchase of any domestic packages which mean You will be travelling within Malaysia. The prices of the package exceeded RM200 will be entitled entry to VMY 2014 lucky draw contest. Let say you purchase a domestic package worth RM1,000 , You are entitled VMY lucky draw contest as well as the RM500 Buyer Contest.

Beside Buyer and VMY lucky draw contest, there are hourly draw contest which the winners will be announced by organizer. 5 prizes will be giveaway every hour from 11AM - 7PM. Daily from 14-16 March 2014

All of the contests above are required You to safekeeping official receipts as a proof as if you announced as the winner of contest. Besides, there is a secret code will be given at Registration counter so do not forget to check them in prior !

Please be reminded the entry to the fair is chargeable. The entry ticket is priced at RM4. Pre-order is available at MATTA Fair 2014