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Verify Paypal Account with Malaysian Banks

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An idea how to get yourself a verified Paypal account 

Paypal is verified

There are few things needed to verify your Paypal account after creating your Paypal account. Basically, verify your Paypal account is essential for some reason. This is a tutorial/guides for Malaysian seeking solution to be a verified Paypal users.

This could be the easiest way for you to have access the use of Paypal. By the way, It is fairy easy to get a debit card in Malaysia. The trick is you should get yourself to nearest bank and flirt / honeypot the customer service personnel at the counter.
List of items needed to have a verified Paypal account

1. Register a Paypal account.
2. Get a debit/credit card from Malaysian banks (RHB or Maybank is recommended)
3. Get the debit/credit card registered able to use online banking facility (Maybank2u or Rhbnow)
4. Bring RM50 to RM100 ( Some bank personnel will ask you to deposit an amount of RM50 - RM100 purely for the opening of bank account)

One verified Paypal account equivalent to one Malaysian bank account. Opting to verify another Paypal account is impossible.  RHB Bank is a great choice as it enable one top up Paypal account fund.

The right to top up a Malaysian owned Paypal account is limited to RHB Bank. RHB Bank users have the privilege transferring funds from RHB account to Paypal seamlessly. 

Let say you have a RHB debit card, verifying your account required one to have online banking facility as Paypal will send an unique code for verification purpose only can be viewed in your online banking account.

Paypal would charges you RM10.00 and then reimburse it to your Paypal account. You will receive a code after few days. Instructions will be shown for where the code to be inserted, click the "Get verified"