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Twin Tower Alive 2014 invited Rain to perform in Malaysia

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Twin Tower Alive will invited many international stars to perform in Malaysia. Some of them are Korean pop star Rain and Christina Aguilera.

Important Note: It is sad to announcing Twin Tower Alive 2014 canceled

Last year we have seen backstreet boy being invited by Twin Tower Alive organized by Petronas performed at Malaysia stage. Malaysian Fans were very much enjoyed the moment they sung the familiar songs. In 2014, we will once again be thrilled. As we trusted Petronas will bring more fun this year. One of the biggest company in Malaysia, they have Malaysia most talented human capital and also vast resources.

If you never been to Twin Tower Alive, it is actually free and you only required passes for the nearest platform to the stage. It will be held at Petronas Plaza on March 28, 2014. Besides, The official organizer of Twin Tower Alive 2014 is doing a pass giveaway for public members. If you want to win a Twin Tower Alive passes you should visit Twin Tower Facebook page. 5 Winners will be selected and announced on March 14, 2014. Be creative to win !! You are required to tag them #TTALIVE and #FANFRIDAY .

If you missed the Twin Tower Alive 2013, let us refresh our happy moments. It is really excited to see how Malaysian fans reacted to the situation when Korean 2NE1 made a surprise appearance on the stage despite there is no official announcement being made. There were Demi Lovato and backstreet boys. The highlight was backstreet boys they had performed many songs at the concert totaled more than 10 songs. Who will be the surprise guest for the year of 2014?

Many fans in Malaysia would like Korean band EXO to come Malaysia. From my point of view, I think it is likely would not happen because they have invited Rain on board. Will we see two Korean popstars ? Well in 2013, they invited UKISS and 2NE1 right ?

I can confirmed that they would be many local entertainers performing on the stage. Who would it be?

Rain Malaysia Twin Tower Alive 2014

Rain greet Malaysian fans that He will attend Twin Tower Alive 2013. See you there !!