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10 Topics discussed during US president visiting Malaysia

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Guests who visit our homes must be treated with kindness and respect. The same principle applies whether the guest is a family member, a stranger , regardless religion.

Second president to visit Malaysia in nearly half decade. Touring 4 Asian country including Malaysia. He arrived Malaysia after Japan tour with Air Force One. Minister of Youth and Sports welcomed him. He took a ride with The Beast to meet with Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah and Prime Minister of Malaysia at Parliament Square.

His appearance at local TV on April 26, 2014 about 5.20PM (Malaysian time) was anticipated.

Malaysia crowd waiting air force one april 26
Crowd anticipating Air Force One. Some prefer see Him at the scene rather watching TV.

1. President's automobile "The Beast"

Many amazed the beast abilities to protect US president. News reported that Malaysian prime minister was invited to sit at The Beast with US president.

2.  President Obama addressed at a State Banquet with His majesty King Halim

He told to the crowd about the great hospitality received by first US president visited Malaysia. He eager to see the "Boleh" spirit. He referred Malaysia as "Malaya" in his speech. He expressed gratitude of the generosity shown us today.

3. He expressed thoughts using Malay language 

Boleh, Bekerjasama, Selamat Petang, Terima Kasih Banyak.

4. Encouraging Malaysian to think creative and innovative

Prime minister of Malaysia invited US president to MaGIC. The front oval inside the MaGIC compound is named as Obama oval. MaGIC is a platform and a message to young people in Malaysia to be unity by creating more creative and innovation products and shrinking the world smaller.

5. Bilateral relationship to a Comprehensive Partnership

Prime minister of Malaysia said in a joint press conference that through this partnership, it will mark the new phase in our relationship with greater collaboration on the economy, security, education, science, technology and more.

Besides, Senior officials Dialogue will be key forum for high-level discussion. Malaysia welcomes America's rebalancing towards Asia and its contribution to peace, stability and prosperity in the region.

6. Strengthen cooperation in peacekeeping training

On global security, Malaysia endorsed the "statement of Interdiction Principles" of the Proliferation Security Initiative.

7. Prime minister of Malaysia Najib remarks on Joint press conference

Expression appreciation to the President on U.S strong support for ASEAN and the East Asia Summit. Malaysia chairmanship of ASEAN next year. Malaysia is bidding non permanent seat of the U.N. Security Council.

Malaysia helped secured a comprehensive agreement in the Southern Philippine. Ending a conflict and denying al-Qaeda and it affiliates a possible foothold in that region. Rejection on religious extremism by establishing a Global Movement of Moderate.

Importance of upholding universally recognized principles of international law, including United Nations Convention on the Law of Sea. Besides that, endorsing Full Bright Program, asked to consider Visa Waiver Program. 

Welcome the progress of TPP agreement, but there were some matters needed to be resolved first.

8. Obama did not meet with Malaysian opposition leader but sent Susan rice

National Security Advisor Susan E.Rice met with three top leaders of the Malaysian political opposition to hear their views. PKR, DAP and PAS are present at that time. US will continue to raise concerns about the issues of political freedom, the basic universal rights of freedom of expression, freedom of association and religious liberty.

Ambassador expressed condolences on the passing of democracy and civil rights activist Mr. Karpal Singh

9. US President addressing Young Southeast Asian leaders Initiative 

Question and answer session. Among the questions are "What are you dream when you were in 20s and did you achieve it". The session is 2 hours long.

10. Signing of three business deals in Malaysia witnessed by prime minister of Malaysia and US president

The agreement worth 2 billion was inked. The deals were between General Electric Co and Airasia X, Verdezyne and Sime Darby, and MetLife and Ambank Group.

Video US president addressing at Young Southeast Asian leaders Initiative

Joint press conference 

Addressing Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre. A startup in Malaysia. Encouraging inspiring Malaysian.