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Viper Challenge 2014 will be held on November

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Asia' toughest obstacle even is back with more exciting challenges for you

Viper Challenge 2014
Source: Viper Challenge 2014

Last Viper Challenge 2013 was a really big happening almost 8,000 participants. The event exposed everyone's limitation and weakness. Some people may overcome this event some people may give up at the half journey.

Before the event started, everyone believe they can make it believing in themselves to overcome this tough road. It is better to call your friends to come along as they will fire up your inner spirit and finish the journey together without anyone left behind.

It is true that this event is about teamwork, group's synergy. Some people lack of motivation and confidence but they have the strength to overcome this event but because of the said factors they may ended up stop and missing at half way. The point of this event is everyone who join, everyone will finish the line together

Viper Challenge 2013 edition will see improved running course at International Sepang Circuit. A new obstacles is being introduced to this 20 kilometers route. This grand event is calling on the name of past participants or new runners to join. This unique outdoor event will be held on November 1 and 2 in 2014.

There are certain rules in Viper Challenge. Let say there will be 9000 participants. Every 20 minutes the organizer will release only 500 participants until it reached 9000 participants inside the parameter of the game. If you join the game alone you are likely to be put a randomly-selected team by organizer.

Are you feeling interested in this sport event ? Register now at Viper Challenge 2014

Get a glimpse on how Viper Challenge works ! This video clips is great example. Those starring in this video clip were participant of Viper Challenge 2013.