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LINE Malaysia giving out LINE T-Shirts

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LINE T-Shirts made from Korea only if you download LINE app into your smartphone

LINE Malaysia T-Shirt

LINE is certainly a distinctive social media app when come to local contests. No social media apps come closely to this approach if I have been asked the question about LINE associating with local contests. Have you seen any apps giving out TV and Smartphones for a contest ? For example, The recent LINE held FIFA World Cup contest, many lucky LINE users took home stuff they like. Don believe me ?? Check this proof at LINE Malaysia FIFA World Cup contest winners

Most of the social media apps such as Beetalk and Wechat, they had distinctive advantages over other smartphone social apps. Beetalk is more emphasizing on group chat and shaking to small chat with strangers. Beetalk Malaysia has pretty Hanis Zalikha to be part of their Beetalk advertisement video clip. They have more than 100,000 likes in their Facebook page. Beetalk generally communicating in Malaysia language rather than using English.

On the other hand, LINE Facebook page certainly has more than 100,000 likes in their Facebook page too. They have this wonderful feature called " official accounts "where big brands such as McDonald, Airasia, Sony, Nokia, Upin & Ipin, 8TV, Lazada, KFC are promoting their products to LINE users who had subscribed to respective brands. For example, John subscribed to KFC official account in his LINE apps installed in his smartphone. He will be able to get latest KFC promotions without doing anything. It will show up in your smartphone and you will see the KFC promotion first when you wake up to see the clock. Well, if you do not like it you are always welcome to cancel subscription.   

" LINE Event " is another good stuff worth to be mentioned. All the promotion held by LINE Malaysia you will get all of them in one place. I got two free LINE T-shirts by joining LINE contest which the contest information appeared at LINE Event.  

Although this event is over, it does not mean you will miss those opportunity in the future but if you do not install LINE apps then you will get zero chance to own any LINE free gifts.  

Football Zombie Defender Petronas Gift Card Winner

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FIFA World Cup 2014 with Football Zombie Defender contest held by Clear

Football Zombie Defender Winner

I am one of the winner of the RM100 Petronas Gift Cards. Football Zombie Defender is about winning the virtual football game. It is an interesting game to play. I never expected I would win anything ! My feeling was overwhelm by excitement. Although it was not something luxury, hey, at least, I won something !

There were 15 Petronas RM100 Vouchers for selected winners and I was grateful being one of them. In order to win this game, you are required to purchase any Clear products for example, Clear shampoo. Next thing is upload the receipt and send the receipt to the address. I have done all the instructions !

It had been more than 1 month after the final World Cup Argentina vs Germany.

Petronas Gift Card RM50

Awesome refuel at nearest Petronas station or use it to purchase any items inside the Petronas store. It better than nothing !