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International Coffee Day with Wonda

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It good to learn today's international coffee day

The Star front page international coffee day with wonda

Guess where I have learn about the international coffee day, the first page of the star newspaper published on September 29, 2015 does a great job informing me this jaw-breaking information.

Always wonder what kind of surprising news every time I try to buy a newspaper. I guess that overwhelm feeling of wanted to know what is going on around.

If I have not bought today newspaper, I would not have learnt today's International Coffee Day. Awesome discovery just make anyone day better.

Admitting that there are not all newspaper pages I like to read but, it is enough if there are one page that worthy to read and this is it.

I spent about 20 minutes getting to know all these perks and decided to work it out. It smell adventure !

I have known Wonda coffee and tasted it. I did not boast it, You can check it out, blogged somewhere here is the link Wonda wonderful Coffee. At that time, I was really curious the taste of Arabika Coffee.

You and I would not believe it that Wonda Coffee advertisements on the star newspaper took three whole pages. The thing is that The star newspaper is smart enough to hide the third pages containing all the perk information. The first and second pages are all about wishing "International Coffee Day" and nothing else. It did not actually indicating there are huge freebies. Only the people who flip to the 13 pages get to know it.

Yeah !, the 3rd hidden pages of Wonda Coffee advertisement shown at 13 page. One has to read about all these promotions from RHB, Celcom.

I would consider it as a freebies if most of the 7-Eleven stores in Malaysia offering Wonda Coffee as low as RM1.00. I do not want to expose most of the perks because I am not that cheerful to share. But I try to compel it together, there are free TGV cinemas movie ticket, Tesco Buy 1 Free 1, Myteksi free wonda coffee treat (request via myteksi app), Mesra RM50,000 worth of fuel to be won, Domino's Pizza RM10 with any purchase of two cans of wonda coffee, RM1 buying from 7-Eleven.

It was not my priority to share all the perks, I just wanted to share the joy of International Coffee Day

7 Eleven Wonda Coffee promotion RM1

The promotion is going smoothly, That was a relieve indeed as if that would spoil my day if the promotion was not going so well.

Wonda Coffee

That me sip some premium coffee !

Wonda wonderful coffee with Arabika beans in Malaysia

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Arabika beans taste so good definitely a premium coffee for everyone. 

  • Product : Wonda wonderful coffee
  • Calories : 146 Kcal for 240ml  , Sugar : 18.5g , Carbohydrate : 26.2g
  • Net Weight : 240ml
  • Status         : Halal
  • Manufacturer : Permanis Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor : Mocha
  • Value : RM2.30 (7-Eleven), RM1.90 (local market)

Coffee made of milk powder and cocoa powder. It so sweet and delicious. Arabika beans is not a plant originated from Arab countries. It can be found at Indonesia. First to brew using arabika beans was known as a Sweden guy.

For a coffee lover, do you feel curious about the taste of arabika coffee ?? I cant really differentiate Starbuck coffee beans and Wonda coffee but every coffee should be just fine. My tongue is not helping me how to do that the most easy measure to test quality would be the price. One cup of starbuck cost us RM15 or above. As for Wonda coffee, you could get at least 8 cans equivalent up to 2 litres. Quality or Quantity for you ??

I have seen people choose quality over quantity. For most of the people on the lower society tend to choose quantity rather than quality. Big is good ! Quality associated to smaller no good that would be a mentality I guess everyone is holding.

I have seen several times Wonda coffee advertisement on TV screen. It is one of the reason I bought this at 7-eleven. I was not thinking to buy any drinks but for surveying then I stumbled upon Wonda coffee so I decided to give it a try. It is not a little bit embarrassing not to buy anything and walk out.

In a meantime, Wonda coffee is owned by Asahi Group of Japan. In 2013, they launched heavy advertisements on Wonda coffee. For those who want to get a taste on it, it is solely available in 7- Eleven stores. I could not find it at anywhere !

Moreover, Wonda Coffee owner in Malaysia was quoted in an article that they were targeting 20% Malaysian coffee beverage market . It implying to compete with local brand such as Ipoh White Coffee and Alicafe brand. My opinion would be Wonda coffee tasted differently and unique compared to Ipoh White coffee and Alicafe .