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8 Reasons Why You Should Own Fitness Tracker

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Instead of wearing bracelet, Xiaomi Band1S definitely worth every penny

I think Xiaomi Band1S has affected my decision making in purchasing a men bracelet. The other day, I was searching for some cool men bracelet on one of the popular online shopping website "11street". However, my eye seem to be caught on Xiaomi band1S

Definitely got to own a fitness tracker. This piece of technology is a mandatory. As if you own a smartphone or a laptop, fitness tracker is the next thing you need. Why would you own a fitness tracker ?

First reason is it serves as a motivation tool. I think if you do not like sport, this thing is going to get you up and do some workout ! First I thought it was impossible, a person is lazy to do some exercise will never change the bad habit, but, with this fitness tracker it might change everything ! The reason is will you not using a smartphone that you had purchased ? You cant !

2. Detailed Daily Report 

What do you think ? This is a daily chart from my personal phone Huawei G8. Accumulated 10063 steps was not a easy accomplishment. Guess what I really doing ? I went to so many shopping malls.

3. Social Media Posting

The amazing thing about Xiaomi Band1S. The specification required for your smartphone is Bluetooth 4.0 and KitKat 4.4 and over. In Google Playstore, download xiaomi band app. In the app, it enables user to post to their respective social media account such as Facebook or Wechat to encourage friends and family to do daily exercise.

 Besides, you will get to know how many people using Xiaomi band 1S are ahead of your miserable result of 44 steps.

4. Heart Rate Sensor

This state-of-the-art fitness tracker enables users to do a monitoring on heart beat rate.

5. Morning Joging

Wake Up in the morning and try to get more step points. However, I managed to get 2500 steps point only.

6. Xiaomi app is comprehensive

The best part about Xiaomi apps is it is a comprehensive and functional app. I am glad one of the Xiaomi Band1S owner. We are educated that a human should walk at least 8000 steps in a day. But, do we really know how many steps we have accumulated ? To fully utilize the idea of 8000 steps per day, this tool should be able to help human collecting the steps count. Unless, you want to count your every step.

The seventh reason is instead of get a alarm, you could change the centuries-old method of waking human up, the fitness tracker could help to do the wake up call by vibration.

8. Monitor your sleep process

I am terrified it actually can monitor sleeping progress. It such a magnificent tracker. With this, you could tell what time you actually fall to sleep.

Xiaomi Band1S battery could last for 20 days with a single full charge. Moreover, it could store activity data without the smartphone bluetooth in range. In Fact, it stored all the date long enough for you to reach the smartphone Bluetooth range for the the data to sync into the apps.

11street Took My Hard Earned Cash Worth RM200 Review

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11street online shopping website review

I do not know you but I really caught up by marketing campaign involving Korean actor Lee Min Ho. What's more, 11 Street get more local celebrities such as Emily Chan, Zizan and Elizabeth to its line of ambassador. These are the reason why You and I should purchase at 11street. At least I got it right.

The hype is massive. How much fund they pump into making an awareness to Malaysian ? I am guessing it was not a small amount. Anyways, since it is a collaboration with local telecommunication Celcom, of course, there is not much a problem about the marketing campaign funding.

Although 11street is new online market platform in Malaysia, it basically collaboration between Celcom with a South Korean company. Surely, the deal to invite Mr Lee Min Ho to be part of the scene was just a piece of cake. Everyone know that Malaysian are fall in love with the Korea pop culture.

For a Malaysian, it will be a terrified experience purchasing something on Internet. 11 Street is being the second online marketplace I ever dare to make a transaction. If you must know, Lazada is the first one, you can check it out my first purchase with lazada >> First Purchase with Lazada

To a point that, 11street online experience is really awesome.

Purchased 4 items worth RM 200. The transaction was done by online banking with code sending to your phone for confirmation of transaction. Since I bought 4 items from 3 different sellers, the only thing different is "the date they ship the item to buyer"

As if the seller has sent the items to buyer, 11street will notify buyer either at phone or e-mail. they will literally send you 3 messaging and 3 e-mail regarding the items has been shipped by seller.

Well, this is the part where you will get confusing. Upon transaction has been completed, 11street will hold the payment until buyers are satisfied.

See on the button"Tracking", it enables buyer to accurately track the item.

There was another button "Confirm Purchase" where buyer could press on it whenever they have received the item safety. As for me, I have successfully collected all the parcel by Pos Laju and another courier to the address I submitted. You do not see the "Confirm Purchase" button as I have already clicked on it.

There were three sellers. kopiPeng, Shopago, and Carristo

The traditional way of shopping is that we purchase something with the product already in our hand and we will pay it with the cash later. However, online shoppingexperience told me that we have to pay first then wait a FEW DAYS to get our products.

The fun part of shopping online is browsing endlessly so many shops in a few seconds in a time, finding the cheapest deal and put them all in the cart and pay it in a few click away. However, it torturing to wait it all come. The truth is they all do not come at once. the first item arrived was a Huawei G8 cover and screen protector.

Apparently, the seller is a Malaysian. Now my Huawei G8 get a proud casing and screen protector from 11street. My phone would still be naked if I never visit 11street.

Second parcel, the Xiaomi band and Xiaomi Powerbank. Both are cute and highly recommended. Now I have another reason to workout a little bit more and I no longer need to afraid my Huawei G8 run out of battery.

Proud owner of Xiaomi Band. The cheapest fitness tracker one should get.

I do not have the chance to own an Xiaomi products during their era of Xiaomi rose to the fame back in 2014 ?. Despite that, I own two Xiaomi products now !.

 The last items to be received. I waited 8 days including the weekend. I purchase all of them on Saturday midnight on 12/06/2016. The last one arrived on 20/06/2016. It will depends on when is the day seller sends the item.

I gladly received all the product. I never had the chance to use any of the feature such as returning back to seller or cancel the order. I am curious what kind of approach 11street will offer if the seller failed to ship the products or the products did not arrive even if seller shipped the items.

Regarding the matters, I firmly believe 11street has all the measures into the said matters. I really happy shopping with 11street.

All of the sellers above are reputable account. I chose those with many reviews and comments. This is some of the insights I would like to share to you and good luck !.

If you have read everything I wrote, I am glad my money worth RM200 spent well.

Top 10 Smartphones in Malaysia 2014 above RM1000

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Luxury smartphones one cant wait to buy. All the smartphones are up to RM2000 no lesser than RM1000

Have you been to shopping malls or watch TV 3 news on 8PM lately ?? Oppo smartphone is mass marketing itself nationwide through mainstream news media. The shopping malls should have hanging Oppo banners at elevator and those smartphone retailers in the shopping mall should have these Oppo smartphones banners and smartphones.

All these started on May these china owned smartphone companies such as Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo expanded it business to Malaysia. Penetrating the Malaysian smartphone market easily through various marketing campaigns. One of the reason they could get Malaysia smartphone market share easily due to Malaysian does not have a local smartphone company. Local smartphone brand existed such as Ninetology. But, Ninetology smartphones were not Malaysian ideal smartphone brand

The last time Samsung made it appearance was when they released their Samsung Galaxy S5 on April. Besides, Apple has been moving behind Samsung. It was shocking that Xiaomi has leads the smartphone sales in China rendered Xiaomi the top 1 smartphone brand in China. Among all the smartphones, Xiaomi prefer to sell it smartphone in bulk at selected day. In Malaysia, Xiaomi sells it smartphone every Tuesday only.

Apple is making an announcement to their large fans base there will be something on the date September 9, 2014. Will Apple return to their glorious days ? I am guessing they will release the long overdue iWatch.

The best smartphones in 2014 safely to say it should belongs to Xiaomi, Huawei and Oppo as they could offer cheaper price tag without reduce performance based on technical specification.


Processor : Qualcomm Snapdragon 801
Graphic     : Adreno 330
RAM        : 2GB Quad Core
Display     : 5.5" IPS LCD
Internal capacity : 16GB (expansion microSD up to 64GB)
Camera              : 13 MP at back, 5MP at selfie
Network            : 3G & 4G, Bluetooth 4.0
Weight              : 170g
Color                : White

Battery              : 2800 mAh

Features : Corning Gorilla Glass 3, Android 4.3,

It a brand new smartphone introduced and released around March 2014. Oppo advertisement in Malaysia can be labelled as violent marketing. In every corner in Malaysia, there were Oppo advertisements in almost every smartphone retailers, shopping mall elevator, etc. To the extend, Oppo ads were broadcast and spotted in LIVE TV3 news on 8PM. Check another similar to Oppo FInd 7A > Oppo Find 5


Processor : HSilicon Kirin 910T
Graphic     : Mail-450MP4
RAM        : 2GB Quad Core Cortex A9
Display     : 5" IPS LCD
Internal capacity : 16GB (expansion microSD up to 64GB)
Camera              : 13 MP at back, 8MP at selfie
Network            : 3G & 4G, Bluetooth 4.0
Weight              : 170g
Color                : White

Battery              : non-removable 2500 mAh

Features : Corning Gorilla Glass 3, Android 4.4,

New smartphone released in 2014. Huawei is ranked in top 10 smartphone manufacturer worldwide. You have to choose between Snapdragon 801 or Kirin 910T chipset. Both Huawei and Oppo are great smartphones. The obvious advantages Huawei Ascend P7 over Oppo Find 7A is difference in Android version. Check it out Price and specs for Huawei Ascend P7


Processor : Snapdragon 801
Graphic     : Adreno 330
RAM        : 3GB Quad Core
Display     : 5.2" IPS LCD
Internal capacity : 16GB/32GB (expansion microSD up to 128GB)
Camera              : 20 MP at back, 2.2MP at selfie
Network            : 3G & 4G, Bluetooth 4.0
Weight              : 152g
Color                : Black & White

Battery              : non-removable 3100 mAh

Features : Water & Dust proof, Triluminos display, X Reality Engine, Android 4.4 Kit Kat

Newly released in September 2014. 2 weeks after the announcement of Sony Xperia Z3, Sony Malaysia announced the availability for purchasing. A great news for Malaysia sony fans. The official release in Malaysia is ahead of many smartphone company such as Apple and Samsung. More details about the price and spec at Sony Xperia Z3 Black


Processor : Octa 5430
Graphic     : Mali-T628 MP6
RAM        : 2GB Quad Core
Display     : 4.7" IPS LCD
Internal capacity : 32GB (expansion microSD up to 128GB)
Camera              : 12 MP at back, 2.1MP at selfie
Network            : 3G & 4G, Bluetooth 4.0
Weight              : 115g
Color                : Black

Battery              : removable 1860 mAh

Features : Android 4.4 Kit Kat

Release in September 2014 globally now available in Malaysia. First Samsung smartphone using metal frame a very sophisticated engineering adopted for the consumer demands. A collaboration between Samsung and reputable Paypal lead to an implementation of a fingerprint sensor technology enabling a hassle-free mobile payment to would-be Samsung Galaxy Alpha owners. Samsung Galaxy Alpha with local warranty


Chipset      : MSM8974 Snapdragon 801
Graphic     : Adreno 330
RAM        : 3GB Quad Core
Display     : 5.5" IPS LCD
Internal capacity : 16/64GB (expansion microSD up to 128GB)
Camera              : 13 MP at back, 5MP at selfie
Network            : 3G & 4G, Bluetooth 4.0
Weight              : 162g
Color                : Black

Battery              : non-removable 3100 mAh

Features : Android 4.4 Kit Kat

One Plus One users enjoy the highest specification with very compatible value offered. You do notice this smartphone is best bargain. Value friendly towards most consumers. With that 3GB Ram and bigger screen just selling for RM1300 more or less. Check the current price and specification again at One Plus One 64GB


Chipset      : MSM8975 Snapdragon 801
Graphic     : Adreno 330
RAM        : 2GB Quad Core
Display     : 5" IPS LCD
Internal capacity : 16 (expansion microSD up to 128GB)
Camera              : 13 MP at back, 5MP at selfie
Network            : 3G & 4G, Bluetooth 4.0
Weight              : 145g
Color                : Black

Battery              : non-removable 2600 mAh

Features : Android 4.4 Kit Kat, DUAL-SIM

Basically, M8 and E8 are brother. E8 is plastic version of M8. Give it a try ! It HTC flagship smartphone. The price seem to be about RM1700 more or less. Check it out on HTC ONE E8 16GB


Chipset      : Snapdragon 805
Graphic     : Adreno 420
RAM        : 3GB Quad Core
Display     : 5.7" IPS LCD
Internal capacity : 16 (expansion microSD up to 128GB)
Camera              : 16 MP at back, 3.7MP at selfie
Network            : 3G & 4G, Bluetooth 4.1
Weight              : 176g
Color                : Black, White, Gold, Pink

Battery              : 3220 mAh

Features : Revolutionary S Pen, Fingerprint sensor, Android 4.4.4 KitKat

Announced on September and will be released worldwide. Samsung greatest flagship smartphone of the year 2014. Meet the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Absolutely fantastic mobile experience for the user who like to use the revolutionary S-Pen functions. Did I miss to say that ? there are already people selling Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in Malaysia although it is not officially launched in Malaysia. Don be surprised. Check it out now !! It has the same price as IPhone 6 or IPhone 6 plus . Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Chipset      : A8
Graphic     : Power VR GX6450 (Quad core)
RAM        : 1GB Dual-Core
Display     : 4.7" IPS LCD
Internal capacity : 16/64/128 (expansion microSD up to 128GB)
Camera              : 8 MP at back, 1.2MP at selfie
Network            : 3G & 4G, Bluetooth 4.1
Weight              : 129g
Color                : Silver, Gold, Grey

Battery              : 1810 mAh

Features : iOS 8

Referring on the One plus One smartphone's infamous marketing dubbed as "flagship killer" , I think that statement nailed it on this newly launched IPhone 6. Comparing both of the device in generally IPhone 6 would lose in specification and the price factor. The good news is IPhone 6 does not bend as easily as it counterpart. IPhone 6 will have an ability to pay via "Apple Pay" technology for the convenience of its users. Some news reported that the cost of building up an IPhone 6 required only USD $250 more or less. It branding power and its unique features will still win many consumer hearts regardless critics comments.

Check this out ! One can buy this smartphone through your Maybank credit card installment. IPhone 6 64GB Silver


Chipset       : Snapdragon 800
Graphic      : Adreno 330
RAM          : 2GB Dual-Core
Display       : 5.0" IPS LCD
Internal capacity : 32GB (expansion microSD up to 128GB)
Camera              : 20 MP at back, 1.2MP at selfie
Network            : 3G & 4G, Bluetooth 4.1
Weight              : 167g
Color                : Orange, Green, White, Black

Battery              : 2420 mAh

Features            : Microsoft Windows 8

Apart of iOS and Android, let us witness another giant operating system in the world. Nokia Lumia 930 is a newly launched smartphone in 2014. Nokia is definitely one of the most solid smartphone maker recognized in the world. You know it best if you have happy childhood memory with Nokia 3310. More detail about the smartphone at Nokia Lumia 930 32GB Orange


Chipset       : Snapdragon 801
Graphic      : Adreno 330
RAM          : 3GB Dual-Core
Display       : 5.5" IPS LCD
Internal capacity : 32GB (expansion microSD up to 128GB)
Camera              : 13 MP at back, 2.1MP at selfie
Network            : 3G & 4G, Bluetooth 4.1
Weight              : 149g
Color                : Black, White, Gold Red

Battery              : 3000 mAh

Features            : Android 4.4.2

LG G3 is an amazing smartphone with incredible performance. Big screen and bigger screen size. The price has been lowered to below RM2000. Check the current price and specs on LG G3 32GB

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Redmi 1S now available in Lazada Malaysia

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Limited Redmi 1S for grab limited time only on Lazada Malaysia

Lazada Malaysia is selling Xiaomi Redmi 1S  on  August 27. Delivery is way faster than Xiaomi Malaysia. Expecting 7 days and lesser. You could choose Cash-on-delivery method as you pay when it arrive to your doorstep. More information at Xiaomi Redmi 1S

Xiaomi the no 1 smartphone brand in China outperformed Samsung and Apple in second quarter of 2014. Expanded to Malaysia the same year already emerged one of the best seller. The South East Asian market especially in Malaysia do not want luxury and popular brand, they want good specification and cheaper price tag. That is why Malaysian lining up to purchase something they really like to own.

A little lesson about Xiaomi Redmi Sales, they usually selling in a bulk rather than everyday selling practice. If you really interested to own Redmi 1S, you need to wait for it. Just like a patient walk into a public hospital and wait for the doctor. The doctor (Xiaomi) only available once a week. If you miss it then you have to wait for another week.

On August 5, a beautiful Tuesday in Malaysia. Xiaomi decided to sell Redmi 1S - 5,000 units, Redmi Note - 10,000 units, Power bank - 5,000 units. Guess what ?? All of them sold out in merely 3 minutes 27 seconds. Try to be smarter by calculating it, there were 1,600 units of Redmi 1S being bought in a minute. The calculation did not include other Xiaomi products. You do not believe ?? Here is the Xiaomi 3 minute sold out proof

I do not believe it in first sight. Xiaomi done the impossible thing. Tell me if you can crack the wisdom and intelligent of Xiaomi or their spell. The important point to know that it always on Tuesday. They always open shop on Tuesday and close shop except Tuesday. However, it seem like they make an improvement for that.

Everyone who are interested in Xiaomi smartphones knew that their website were always crowded. In order to resolve the issue of customer dissatisfaction and experience, blindly guessing they outsourced the job to Lazada Malaysia. An online shopping mall you can put your trust on it. They made the right choice partnered with Lazada Malaysia as they have wide logistic and business network nationwide.

On August 27, Xiaomi's Redmi 1S is available in Lazada Malaysia. Remember to visit their website earlier. Lazada Malaysia is expecting high online traffic flowing into their website. Encouraging buyers visit it exactly 3PM or earlier than that. There were no quantity released to be sold in their website. This is first time Xiaomi Malaysia opens up their shop door on Wednesday.  

Do not visit Xiaomi Malaysia official website because you will be unable to purchase Redmi 1S at there on this wednesday. There will be a sign " Sold Out " . For more information about Xiaomi Redmi 1S releasing on Wednesday August 27, Visit at Xiaomi Redmi 1S on Lazada.

Comparison Redmi 1S vs Moto E

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Redmi 1S vs Moto E Review

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Moto E and Redmi 1S are officially joining the RM500 below smartphones selling in Malaysia

Redmi 1S vs Moto E

Looking at the chart above the only huge difference were the Android section and camera. Moto E clearly has advantage on this Android update. As for other sections, you would see Redmi 1S dominate each of them. The RM50 difference is not a big gap between Redmi 1S and Moto E. Redmi 1S obviously defeated Moto E in term of technical specification. Just look at the screen size, Moto E is 0.4' smaller than Redmi 1S

News reported that Xiaomi dominated China smartphone sales in second quarter. Sending a wave of overwhelmed response towards Samsung and Apple brands. Xiaomi is now the top 1 smartphone brand in China large population. China smartphone brands such as Oppo, Xiaomi, Huawei were expanding to various market tapping lucrative and ever-growing economy in many part of the worlds especially Malaysia and Indonesia.

Redmi 1S is exploring the market in India. The announcement just made as were writing. Among all the Xiaomi smartphones, this prove to be best of all Xiaomi smartphones selling in Malaysia. On August 5, Redmi 1S smartphone sales in Malaysia sold out in merely 3 minutes and half for 5,000 units. Reflecting the acceptance of the market towards Xiaomi brand.

Xiaomi company took the rare business model on smartphone sales. They wanted the potential buyers in the market to wait for selected releasing date to buy their product. A practice that do not perform by many smartphone brands such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei. They provide the reason that saving cost on warehouse expenses and so on.

This selling method reminded of a celebrity concert ticket selling so fast the fans bought all the tickets within hours. For example, Taylor Swift concert in Malaysia sold out in mere hours. There were 16,000 seats. A few thought,, it seem like Xiaomi sales is relatively faster sold out than Taylor Swift concert ticket.

Love by most of the Malaysian, Xiaomi Malaysia released a note that Lazada will be handling Redmi 1S selling on August 27 and the time set on 3PM.  Xiaomi Malaysian has certainly chosen a right partner working for a business deal. Want to own Redmi 1S ? remember the date and now all you need to do is jam the Lazada website I am pretty confident there will be a mass online traffic flowing at the time and date. It has been proven on the Xiaomi website before

As we are talking about Moto E, this smartphone released in Malaysia on August 13. More info please visit at Moto E review

Xiaomi is launching Mi 3 smartphone in Malaysia 2014

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Xiaomi announced on Facebook page releasing Mi3 smartphone on May 20th, 2014

Xiaomi  Mi3 smartphone Malaysia RM889
Mi 3 is only RM889. Source: Official Xiaomi Malaysia Facebook Page

OPPO, Huawei and HTC each have unveils their intention to introduce smartphone into Malaysian lucrative market. The response is so great that Xiaomi Facebook page liked by 10,000 peoples and the Mi 3 facebook post regarding releasing of it shared by 1,000 users

Xiaomi is relatively popular smartphone brand in China and Singapore. They boasted all of Xiaomi smartphones in Singapore were fully sold in first 8 minutes of launching. Besides, they had previously boasted that launching in Taiwan, Hong Kong all sold out in 2 minutes. All of the news are reported by Xiaomi itself.

They had not releasing quantity of Xiaomi smartphones being sold off. Everyone can only buy each Xiaomi smartphone at a time. What will it be like in the opening at Malaysia on May 20, 2014 ? Let us wait and see ! Xiaomi is the latest China based smartphone companies to introduce it product. Earlier we have seen OPPO, Huawei and HTC. Although HTC is Taiwan based.

Xiaomi launched in 2010 the biggest news would be Google vice president Hugo Barra left position at Google and become global vice president of Xiaomi. Some claimed that Xiaomi founder is likened to US's late Steve Jobs. I must admit that Xiaomi is very tempting !

What would the specification would be for smartphone under RM1000 ?

Specifications of Mi 3

Screen Display   :  5" IPS display FULL HD with 441 PPI
RAM                  :  2GB with 16GB internal capacity
Processor           :  Qualcomm/Quadcore Snapdragon 800 2.3GHz
Graphic              :  Andreno 330 450MHz GPU
Camera              : 13 MP with dual LED flash, 2MP front
Weight               : 145 grams , 8,1mm thin

Features             : Image stabilization, HDR, 1080p video recording at 30fps, Bluetooth 4.0, consume less power 20%, Android 4.3 operating system with MIUI version 5

Are you interested to check out Xiaomi Hongmi ? A predecessor of Xiaomi Mi 3 !Xiaomi Hongmi Black

Official Xiaomi Facebook page : Xiaomi