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Lionel Messi eats Lay's Potato chip

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Everyone wants a piece of Lay's potato chip as demand as a photo with Lionel Messi the great footballer and Adidas golden ball of FIFA World Cup 2014

Lay Potato chip barbecue

  • Product          : Lay's 
  • Calories         : 1 oz = 28g =  15 chips, 1 oz = 160KCAL, 10G Fat, 15G Carbohydrate
  • Net Weight    : 6 and half oz, 184g
  • Status             : Not Halal, Made in USA for Pepsico, Inc
  • Manufacturer : FRITO-LAY, INC 
  • Distributor/Importer : DKSH Malaysia Sdn Bhd , Pepsico (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd 
  • Flavor                       : Barbecue
  • Value (2014)            : RM 11.50 for 184 G
  • Website                    :
  • Contact no                : 1800 88 1781

Get a little bit confused after watched the Lay's potato chip ads with Lionel Messi inside. They should not eat Lionel Messi's Lay potato chip. I guess it in their culture that everyone is free to take anyone food to eat as long as the owner did not show an angry face. There were so many people in the street recognizes Lionel Messi and want to take a picture with him.

Lay's potato chip barbecue flavor has been introduced since in the 1960s. Surprisingly, Lay emerged with Pepsi and form Pepsico. Besides, Lay company owned the popular doritos snack which even the goat is craze about the junk food. Just for your information, Frito-Lay is dominating US salty snacks the sales revenue of snack is nearly 35% of Pepsico valuation of estimated. Pepsico most profitable division belongs to Frito-Lay.

Lay Potato chip barbecue
Lay's Potato has many different shapes chip inside package

Are you still thinking Pepsi is associating with beverage or carbonated soft drinks ? That is the past for Pepsi. Now, when you are speaking of Pepsi company in US they directly associate it with their salty snack rather than the Pepsi tasted like Coca-cola. Pepsi beverage is no longer the no 1 as Dorito and other potato chips is replacing the no 1.

That is why they are hiring top soccer player to do this Lay potato chip advertisement video. We are less likely to hear about Pepsi doing advertisement on their Pepsi beverages. The most recent and refreshing memory about Pepsi it would be Dorito and Lay potato chip funny and intriguing advertisement video.

Lay Potato chip barbecue

Personal experience after eating Frito-Lay made, made in USA potato chip, Judging by my years of eating Mister Potato's potato chips, there is little or no different between them. I ensure all Potato chip lover out there that this is just a different packaging. I thought USA made potato chip will have slightly bigger size of potato chip or different taste but it was not that case.

It was a good experience able to taste it with own tongue on this Lay's potato chip. The price is double purchasing Lay potato chip than a Mister potato. If you go to shop and purchase Mister potato in big long can, the potato chip is in complete shape. As for Lay's barbecue potato chip, it has different pattern of each potato chip you grab inside the package. (observe picture no 2 and compare with Mister Potato in long can)

10 things only appear on Lunar New Year

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Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year 2014 is almost over now. Many people flourishing back to their workplace after days gathering and visiting family members at distanced places. 

1.Fire Cracker

Firecracker is so loud I barely sleep on that midnight January 31, 2014. Most of the firecrackers are illegally selling at Malaysia but on festival season authorities are loosen their sight on this matter.

2. CNY decorations

Every year new designs coming out luring many to buy. They never run out of fashion. Most people keep don throw them away and reuse them next year 

3. Angpows

If you are not married , relative members will give you ANGPOW representing their family blessing to you. It usually contains banknotes. Besides, if you visiting your friends house, you are likely given Angpow too if your friends parents are at home.

4. Yeo's Beverage

yeo's chrysanthemum and winter melon

Yeo's drinking products are the most popular almost every household bought them for CNY festive season. It chrysanthemum and winter melon . It easily spotted at local market store and very tasty. As for the sandy or Anglia, it is an alcoholic drinks It must be from Guinness.

5. CNY cookies & chips and cakes

Bitter crab chips? It not salty like Potato's chip it got little bitter taste

Cashewsugi cookies 

Expensive peanuts( sorry do not know know how to call it )

Luxury kua Gi ( sorry do not know how to call it )

golden cake-nian gao

Nian Gao or Golden cake



Mandarin orange

Mandarin orange

It is not really complete though there are more and more things only appear in Lunar New Year hoping can finish them. There are lion dance and mr fortune and more. Anyways, Happy Chinese New Year 2014.