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Education UK Exhibitions in Malaysia 2014

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A lifetime opportunity to further studies to any UK institutions by visiting this exhibitions

Don miss the chance to get to know most of the institutions in UK. You might not know what will happen in this education exhibition UK. You questions can be answered now in this exhibition will be held at various places. It will be started on March 8, 2014 - March 15, 2014. 

As You can see in this chart above, There are various locations focusing on nationwide. Do not be sadden, West and East Malaysia will be visited by UK exhibition 2014.

If you have the time and passion why don give a try !!

Some of the UK institutions participant in this exhibition

1. Bristol university
2. Cambridge
3. Cardiff University
4. University of South Wales
5. Newscastle College
6. Lancaster University
7. Aston University
8. City University London
9. Hull College
10. Liverpool University of England

Pre-register on Education Uk exhibition, You are entitled various prizes. You are to register at for this event. Pre-register is closed on 7th March 2014. Those who pre-register must attend one of the exhibition dates listed above. You are informed that to register at Lucky Draw counter and winner will be announced at the exhibition. Please on your mobile phone and put your real name as identification card will be asked to show as if you are winner.