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Lazada online shopping is available in Android and iOS smartphone

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Lazada Malaysia announced apps compatible for Android and iOS smartphones. You can buy favourite products not only on your computer and on your smartphone too.

In January 16, 2014. Lazada Malaysia , South-east Asia biggest online shopping mall, announced apps compatible for Apple smartphone users. I Pad and I Phone can use Lazada apps to browse favourite products and purchase them.

Lazada iOS and Android apps
Lazada iOS and Android apps

The apps is fully optimized for iOS version 7. Shoppers now can seamlessly navigate various brand and product assortment in several categories such as apparel, household electronic, gadgets, shoes and accesories. Lazada put customer experience in highest priority. Besides, Lazada guaranteed a secure payment methods for customer.

The apps equipped with various languages for aiding various ethnics living  in Malaysia. Downloading the apps, You will entitle exclusive discount codes given out every single time. 

CEO Lazada group Maximilian Bittner says "mobile traffic driving to Lazada are significant important and have tripled in the last 12 months. It has been an important source of revenue." Cant deny the development of smartphones and tablets users, he believes Mobile Commerce is the future of online shopping. "

According to the study conducted by Nielsen, Southeast Asians spend an average of more than 3 hours per day on smartphones. Malaysian smartphone penetration of 80% is one of the highest in Asia Pacific. Almost Half of Malaysian owns multiple smartphones.

The new Lazada app for Apple users are free-of-charge. Public can access the app from 16 January 2014 download them. Additionally, Lazada is planning a surprise for three lucky shoppers who made purchase with the new apps. It is worth RM500 vounchers. Those who are interested in participating, Start purchasing with Lazada using the mobile platform from 19 - 31 January 2014.    

Top 10 Things Malaysian buy at Internet

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Wonder What are they purchasing at Internet?? 


Power Bank is an external battery compatible for various smartphone. It is different from charger because power bank is readily charged storing it power capacity when you needed it the most. Simply plug your smartphone for recharging. Power Bank is #1 product Malaysian people buy partly because the lithium battery is very powerful in every smartphone but the phone simply use a lot of electricity to power it superb processors. The faster and better your smartphone, greater desire for a Power Bank. There are many top brand producing power bank such as Yoobao and Kingmax.

Besides, Many consumer prefer buy it on Internet because they are many discounted value power bank available !!.

2. HIGH HEELS for pretty ladies

Trendy ladies heel shoes brand such as Pedal Works, Alfio, Princess and Kasoot are comfortable and affordable. You could choose various sizes and colours of picture are tempting many to purchase. Some ladies like to walk physical store some are different they like to do shoes online shopping.

3. GAMES for PS3, PS4, XBOX

Gamers does like to purchase at Internet and send it to their home whenever new games are available. They do  not go to physical store to do purchasing mainly those gamers are lazy and introvert probably they just want rest at home at weekend. It will be too late for them to test new game. Partly, new game arrives late to physical store. Beside, physical store selling high-end games does have difference in prices. They don update their prices frequently. While in Internet, They are always updating. Outdated or obsolete games prices are lower than the new game.


Modern people like fit body it applied to both gender. Male likes stronger and better looking and Female likes slimmer and good skin. It seem exercise does make them look better but they need some equipments or booster strengthen their desire. Some seek for quick and easy way for their appearance desire for modelling or healthy lifestyle.


When they first introduce 500GB external hard disk in the market, thousand people buy it. it has bigger capacity with slightly bigger than flash drive or being called Pendrive. External Hard Disk are useful for both amateur and expert. They could store more movies, music, software, games and pictures. One also can download whole computer drives down for reformatting computer. It is light and it has capacity tempting people to own 1. It like personal digital store for safe keeping because computer are vulnerable for virus intrusion. 


New-born baby at home and mother must always stay by side every hour is critically important. This segment of Kids Toy and Wears exploded world wide mothers are purchasing baby wears, bag, pacifiers, bottle and toys for them. They even purchase larger size for their kid awaiting them to grow older to use it. Baby boys things are always broken and female baby generally like to play many toys. Moreover, while mothers are browsing the Internet for baby products, they will show it to their baby and they will make the decision in front of the computer screen.!   If they smile, it means Yes ! 


Music plays a role in our life. A song is very defined by one's memory and life experience. Pop music or hip hop song are great influence in younger generation. They tend to buy better and better speaker for their love of songs. They don just like the song of great singer like Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars, they also like the speaker ability to make good quality sound and beating make them more realistic.


Some luxury shop selling top notch leather bag has annoying customer service employee. They are always talking and convincing. Sometimes what they say are entirely does not make any sense. Disturbing us choosing what we feel wanted to buy. Ladies developed great techniques first they surf in Internet then went to the physical store for final decision. Some of them did not even make it to physical shop, their desire is too strong, they cant wait and they ended up purchase at Internet. 


Owning a smartphone are fast becoming necessity like computer. Even more, government introduces initiative "Smartphone rebate" for younger folk in Malaysia. Either Samsung S4 or Iphone 5s or SIII and tablets are selling at reduced prices. Besides, many folk who receiving BRIM are utilise it for new gadgets. 


Although there are electronic shop selling many TV screen, nowadays comsumer are utilising Internet to purchase television screen. They could pay full payment in their doorstep while all the things are included like purchasing at physical store. They could even help you put at your favourite place and set it up while you sit back and relax wait for your favourite movie on the screen after they have successfully setting up. Discount and warranty are same as purchasing at physical store. 

Which one do you prefer to buy at Internet free polls 

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