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Malaysia sensation news "Kangkung"

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National widespread sensation news "Kangkung" the topic is related speech given by Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Prime minister of Malaysia stressed the rising price of goods and services is weather alike sometimes it get darker sometimes it is brighter than other days. To the expert point of view, economic of the world is in uncertainties with many Europe countries is facing unemployment and owning huge deficit.

He said in the news river spinach or (KangKung) drop in price recently does not have the common reaction of grateful to the government. However, rising cost of foods blames the government. It is not fair for people doing that.

Because of the speech, many peoples have done something unusual in the Internet. It is over the Facebook timeline. For your information, kangkung is a type of vegetable and delicacy of Malaysian community.

(Most of the pictures and videos does not directly related to author of the blog merely sharing information and education purposes)
Very creative. Kangkung and burger. Maybe not so much Kangkung. We should replace the lettuce to Kangkung. Selling in local Mcdonald.

Long before the time, Kangkung is a popular song for Singapore and Malaysia. Did it ring a bell?? This is a song not related to above but does have "Kangkung" word.

Another video related to KangKung! This one is a remix !