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Resident Evil Retribution Movie

It finally  at Sabah Kota Kinabalu, the movie that i wanted to watch and which give me a feeling to go cinema and pay the movie fare. i don go cinema oftenly because RM10 is not meant to be waste and combine with the time of 2 hours, it really not make any sense to do that anymore when you are not a teenager right? ok !!

Back to the topic . !!!

It been a 2 years since the last installment of resident evil. i MUST said this time the resident evil brings back the excitement. I really think that this should be the movie and previously those movies??!!  it is not okay.

The recent release and made debut Resident Evil Retribution, came out and showed at various cinema throughout nationwide. the most interested part are actor and actress. Adding Ada Wong and Leon Kennedy inside . i guess it worth to see because two of the legend in the Resident Evil games alive and showed with the Movie Alice.

Besides, the movie added alot of element such as fighting stunt with the Jill the girl with ruby on her upper body and the girl who injected herself with las vagas parasite (i dono if i spelled it wrongly) it totally awesome for the ENDING!!

Ok the the best part is here, The artificial intelligent named Red Queen appeared at resident evil retribution. Alice is running away from Red Queen ,before THAT, there is a familiar scene right? Alice is almost naked again on the movie just like in the episode 1 where she was faint at bedroom.