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Korea Open World Series Badminton Lee Chong Wei vs Chen Long

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Malaysia Lee Chong Wei against China Chen Long. 3 times winner Lee Chong Wei defending his winning streak in Korea against World number 2 badminton player Chen Long. 

Chen Long comes from China Fu Jian province he had won Lee Chong Wei before in various competition. They met again in Korea Open World Superseries. Will Badminton elite Lee Chong Wei will win him this time?? The answer is a click away.

Final match in Korea Seoul stadium filled with Lee Chong Wei fans came from Malaysia and many countries. Lee Chong Wei play his first match in 2014 at Korea. In sport industry, man who are married and older than 30 years old, they are probably play lesser than they should but Lee Chong Wei is an exception. He is still very much active in badminton competition. His name is still ring loud in the various badminton arenas.

We will not see Lee Chong Wei playing with his arch enemy Lin Dan. Many fans hope to see but it is likely would not happen unless it a huge badminton competition such as Olympics.

The huge events is sponsored by Victor and Metlife. Sponsored banners are everywhere. Besides, Chen Long is wearing redbull sponsored shirt and Lee Chong Wei is wearing Maybank sponsored shirt.

Throughout the match between Lee Chong Wei and Chen Long, the arena is crowded with Lee Chong Wei cheers from his fans. He played well like always.

You can watch the final match Lee Chong Wei Vs Chen Long on Youtube Youtube Lee Vs Chen Long