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Donate to WWF Malaysia and get Earth Hour T-shirt

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Earth Hour is probably the biggest and most influential charity event in the world


No one can deny the powerful man creation electricity. We do not aware that what if one day we failed to produce electricity more for our ever growing population? The existence of electricity is the best gift for human. But, no one really aware that why school does not teach us conserving electricity ?

Many people do not really appreciate electricity like in case of water. We use water when we needed and we learnt to make a bath tub so that we can keep water and wash our body. However, electricity is generated though we are not really using them. Do you get the idea ? the shop light is still on although it closed and street lamp is still on although it already 3AM midnight.

I am not suggesting to close the street lamp which is funded by government to protect from road accident and many unfortunate events. What we should do is close any lamp deemed not necessary. We know that not every street is fully equipped with lamps but why should shopping complex and shopping mall get to use so many electricity? I know there is one of the shop in shopping complex is using so many lamps it should not be using because it is not make sense that place's safety and security is so much better than street and empty hall. We should channel those power back to where it needed or we might just turn it off.

Now, we have a chance to do something greater. Something that new and has never been done by our parents and grandparents. We will at this moment at end of March either March 29,30 or 31, we should turn our unused lamps off. Many have joined this initiative such as Hotel and shopping complex. We have a role to play and let play it right ! 

Close your lamp for one hour is that too much to ask ? 

Beside from that, you could visit Pandashop MY webiste they are affiliated to WWF to help them selling and handling WWF related merchandise. As you can see image below, the 60+ T-shirt can be bought from the Pandashop MY. 

Purchasing 60 Earth Hour is another form of contribution