Kit Kat Chocolate with Zizan Razak

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Zizan Razak ate piece of Kit Kat Chunky as you can see. He seem having a good time with Kit Kat and want to share with us

  • Product : Kit Kat Chocolate
  • Calories : 38g = 200 KCAL, 21g Carb, 2.7g Protein, 11g Fat, Sugar 18g
  • Net Weight : 4 packs x 38g
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Nestle Products Sdn.Bhd
  • Flavor : Chocolate Chunky
  • Value (2014) : RM6.99 (Giant)
  • Website :
  • Contact no : 1800-88-343

Kit Kat chocolate taste different than a Cadbury made chocolate. Kit Kat Chunky is a wafer clothed with chocolate milk. Zizan Razak is an actor and well known comedian. To be an ambassador for Kit Kat in Malaysia must have attracts many people buying Kit Kat chocolates. 

Besides, he made a Kit Kat new promotional video. He is the passenger and he is too the driver. After he tasted the Kit Kat Chunky immediately he took out a scissor modifying the Taxi cab into a no roof. For your information, he had been a Kit Kat ambassador since 2013. 

As an ambassador, he created the tagline " Relak lah Kitkat kan ada " or " Berehatlah dengan KitKat "