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Malaysia F&N M Cola and Coca-cola

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MY Coca made by F&N is product of Malaysia

It taste really alike to real Coca-cola. Do you ask yourself when ordering Cola the shop gave you a M cola or the real coca-cola ? I could not differentiate the taste both of this beverage. It has little or no different in taste so how could we actually identify which one is Malaysia version of cola and the real coca-cola ?? we will have a difficult time to know.

Will all the restaurants replaced coca-cola to MY Cola. I think they will and will not. The reason they will replace it is in order to support local beverage. Some of the restaurant might think that it not a good idea to replace it because both of this beverage has same price range. Local products do not translate as cheaper compared to those perceived foreign brands.

 I do not need to educate you why local products were not cheaper. If you insist asking of it, they will give you those money will be put into a place for future projects, investments, R&D. That happened to some of our local brands not all of them. However, our mind responds local product should be cheaper that not entirely true.

MY coca was bought in a local supermarket store with a price of RM1.50 in a 325ml can. Look at the nutritional information, there were almost the same as real Coca-cola. The sugar is 10.4g in 100ml of MY cola as oppose to real coca-cola sugar at 10.6g. 

Are you into a trend of support local product or supporting the season of boycott Coca-cola products ?? You might need this alternative. MY cola was launched believed to be around 2012. They conducted a survey that Malaysian overall likes the flavor of MY cola. For the launching of MY Cola to the market, it was priced at RM 1.30 for 325ml. In 2014, the inflation has increased the price to RM1.50.

Remember do not leave MY cola at the refrigerator overnight for later drink. You must consume all of the MY cola within one opened it. Try it for yourself sip a little of bit MY cola and put at refrigerator overnight, then sip it again next morning.

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