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Kenny Rogers Roasters Balance Duo

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A bowl of Salad and chicken with tasty sauce one of the best combination ever

Kenny Rogers Roasters Balance Duo

I always wanted to try Kenny Rogers recipe. The sauce is just pretty nice coupled with delicious salad really suits it name "Balance Duo".

The size of the chicken is bigger than you think and see in the image. You might get more bites than McDonald's or KFC drumsticks that is a truth. Although it does not come cheap compared to them but it is a good and must-try restaurant. I assume the price is RM13.00 ++

Do you know that Kenny Rogers is now owned by Berjaya group ? Kenny Rogers Roasters was an American company but now only available in Asia particularly, Malaysia.

Kenny Rogers Roasters Balance Duo

You must be intriguing on it tagline "Less fat, less salt, Less calories". Grab a bite now

Location : Kota Kinabalu, Centrepoint, Basement floor