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Fook Yuan restaurant opening at Oceanus

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Fook Yuan is a buffet style restaurant featuring "Married Bread" or specifically "Roti Kahwin".  

Fook Yuan restaurant at Oceanus Shopping mall

One can make salad in brand new Fook Yuan restaurant for your healthy diet. All you need to pay I guess is RM5. Fill up the dark-colored bowl with your personalized taste of vegetables and fruits. Curry Tofu still the best !

The restaurants prepared Siu Mai dumpling, cold and hot beverages, buffet foods and pastries. This is like a fast food restaurant concept and more importantly, it is a chain restaurant in Sabah. The biggest difference is there is "no delivery service to your table". 

There are abundant of happy customers. Not so sure about the westerners as they much more prefer the "delivery service to your table".

Fook Yuan restaurant Oceanus shopping mall

I never really did A la Carte order in this restaurant. I never really like bread. I just like the buffet foods. Either sweet and sour fish, curry tofu, fish cake, vegetables or delicious eggplant.

Fook Yuan restaurant

Fook Yuan restaurant at Oceanus Shopping mall is different than Gaya Street one. Patrons have the discretion whether dining in air-conditioned section or open-air section.