Experience in Maxis Broadband Postpaid in Sabah

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Applying Maxis Wireless Broadband RM68 in my life 

Maxis broadband package

Have been using Maxis wireless broadband RM68 for more than 3 months. I really enjoy high-speed Internet. At first, my thought will be trying a new broadband service provider which is "Maxis". I am a fan of yellow colored broadband service provider to be honest. It is not a secret that Sabah or Kota Kinabalu to be specific not a highly populated area but at least please fix the stability.

The speed is fine at a specific time in a day. I mean there is a constant problem that make me think Maxis is having maintenance something like 8PM to 11PM. It was a recorded evidence. It was like Maxis connection could not afford to accommodate on high peak night time. After 11PM, the speed restored it normal again. However, I would like to use it on 8PM to 11PM not using it after 11PM.

I am impressed with the Maxis speed never its stability on night time. I am convinced that Maxis allowed more bandwidth during Saturday and Sunday. It helps me realized we should test speed and stability of Maxis only on Saturday and Sunday.

 I hate complaining without stating it advantages or benefit. I am an owner and user of Maxis. We should have responsibility more on explaining how useful this product rather than keep the bad side out so that everybody know the bad side of the product and WHO complains it.

Maxis have been very careful in its marketing strategy boasting they are offering and providing the fastest Internet/broadband connection. I think they mean west Malaysia. They know we want fast and divert our attention which is still the most essence criteria "Stability".

I must confess that no one could compete Streamyx or Digi in the field of stability in Internet connection. You can always try Maxis which you could download heavy-size file within minutes.