Coca-Cola Light vs Coca-cola Original vs Coca-Cola Zero

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Ice Coca-Cola never failed to be one of your choice of drink in restaurants 

Coca-Cola Light vs Coca-cola Original Red vs Coca-cola Zero

There are not much differences between Coca-cola Zero and Coca-cola Light. Both of them are less sugar or literally no sugar at all. Coca-Cola is trying to attract consumer segment who have high regards on health well-being.

It is not stranger that every fast food restaurants are associated with carbonated soft drink. The set food is tied with a carbonated soft drink in a price. For instance, visiting McDonalds or KFC for meal the staff would ask you a compulsory question that must be answered by every customer. That would be "would you like to have "Coca-cola, Milo, Ice lemon tea or 100 plus". It always Coca-cola or some other brand of carbonated soft drinks

Will you protest if one day all the restaurants started to serve Coca-cola Zero or Coca-cola Light instead of Coca-Cola Red original ?

It would not be a street protest because apparently most of the customer would have been tricked identical taste.

Besides, for the health purpose of next generation and current generation it is one of the factor to reduce sugar intake as Malaysian could be one of the country in the world has the most number of diabetes patients.

Someone could be very angry right now because when Coca-cola Zero or Coca-cola Light successfully replaced by half that would mean Robert Kuok sugar business will have a tremendous downturn impact.