Lok Kawi Wildlife Park with Elephant and Tiger

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Not many of us lucky to witness some of the most stunning animals

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park Signboard
Pic 1 : Lok Kawi Sign board
A complain letter should be sent out why there were no chickens, ducks or anything most of us would normally imagine. What they do have are quite reasonable and magnificent. I hope they would open another section keeping Borneo insects. Apparently, it was all joke.  

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park is huge. There is a freely available illustration map and two convenient stores. Not much of tourists and tourist buses were spotted. Due to school break season, there were many locals bringing kids in a stroller.

 Besides, there are flower section too.

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park Rates
Pic 2

Rates Difference between non-Malaysian and local as you can see in the above picture (Pic 2). The park vital source of income making sure the park operation is complete with strict and favorable guidelines. The normal opening hours is 9.30AM - 5.30PM . To your surprise, not to miss it they is a animal show if you come in right time.

Great leisure / recreational place for family. I think there is a camping site too.

Top 10 animals in Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

  1. Elephant
  2. Clouded Leopard
  3. Proboscis Monkey
  4. Mouse Deer
  5. Malayan Tiger
  6. Snake
  7. Goat
  8. White Eagle
  9. Hornbill
  10. Cow

Elephant in Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

Matured Elephant without a long white tusk. One could reach to touch the hairy body.

Amazing mouse deer.

A really solid and big bird cage. It is enough to contain any dinosaur bird.

Monitor Lizard
Monitor Lizard


Sea Lion
 Asian seal love in a river. Huge appetite for fishes

Proboscis Monkey

Bat nose with a really long tail.

Malayan Tiger

Spectacular muscle and skin. The legendary Malayan tiger. Wish to hear its tiger roar.


Snake is always quiet

Sun Bear

This bear is wearing a necklace.


Turtle are slow and heavy

White tusk Elephant

Fully matured Elephant with long white tusk.


Some kind of goat ? I just need a spill of goat milk.


I notice all the cow facing the same direction. Some expert said it was not a coincidence.