10 Attractive about Seoul Garden Restaurant

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Seoul Garden Restaurant is expanding its reach nationwide. Managed by Zingrill Holdings based in Singapore.

Some attractive points to ponder about Seoul Garden restaurant :

- Buffet style with variety of drinks
- Halal
- "Do Serve Beef"
- no alcohol
 - Variety of ice-cream
- There are Chicken Bulgogi and Chicken Kim Chi
- Various dressing notably, Spicy Korean Chili 
- Seafood such as prawn, squid, clam and many more
- Cendol
- 5 Types of soup

It was a pretty serene environment. Food was all well prepared no single out-of-stock and empty scheme by the restaurant. Get inside became the only two customers unfortunately there were nothing for early bird !

Told the cashier we are going to have buffet here, she was happy to see both of us and pretty straightforward give us a receipt as I had paid her in advance.  There was a friendly looking staff following us to our favorite sitting spot. Pouring spicy Kim Chi Soup to the bowl and started the grill
Clean and neat walking freely with so many Korean food choices.

There were vegetables and appetizer but, This is my kind of appetizer. Golden Crispy roll, fries, fried rice.

Look closely, I greedily took yummy chicken bulgogi, chicken kimchi, chicken bbq. There were some vegetable and corn inside the kimchi soup.

Yummy Kim Chi soup Noodle. Excellent taste !

Seoul Garden Seafood

Was not in the mood eating seafood. The best part all seafood were fresh !

Not a big fan of seafood, grilled the prawn instead.

Herbal Soup !


Seoul Garden Tissue !

It might be the biggest "Halal" "Buffet" Korean Restaurants in Malaysia with so many outlets nationwide.

Seoul Garden website : http://www.seoulgarden.com.my/

Spent RM87.00 approximately RM43.50 per person.

Prosperity Burger vs Chicken Rice

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Make your move visit McDonalds and Chicken Rice Shop now as new menu rolled out in the month of January 2016

McDonalds Malaysia prosperity burger

Prosperity Burger is McD Malaysia festive menu only available when Chinese New Year is around the corner. A set of Prosperity Burger, come with Twister fries and Prosperity McFlizz. Honestly, The prosperity McFlizz is definitely easy to make. The ingredients are adding some orange with 80%. sprite. I have seen it and you probably could have seen it too since McDonald practice open kitchen  

Craving other than Prosperity Burger or feeling Prosperity burger too small portion for your appetite?

Introducing Chicken Rice Shop's Chinese new year menu,  It highly recommended due to its variety of delicious snacks especially the "Nyonya Pai Tee"and "The Pak Choy" with dark soy sauce and last but not least delicious mouth-watering Hainanese style Chicken with special kind of dressing.

The drink was exclude from the package though ! The cost is RM22 per person.

New Energy Drink Ranger in Southeast Asia

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It is not about comparing Giant Brand Red Bull and Ranger. It about introducing Ranger energy drink likened to Red Bull. Ranger energy drink is a new product from F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd

Sport Enthusiasm come from a can of Red Bull

Ever doubt why Red Bull is so successful with so many funding to advertise in every huge sport scenes. I would have never knew Red Bull if it was not the widespread advertisements and my love of extreme sport such as BMX.

Still, The article is not all about Rivalry of Red Bull the highly regarded in western countries. It about the emerging of Southeast Asia 's version of energy drink, "Ranger". Let start talk little bit about this new Energy drink

Hmm !!
  • Product : RANGER
  • Calories : 100ml = 71 KCAL, 17g Carb, 0g Protein, 0g Fat, 17g Sugar
  • Net Weight : 250ml
  • Status         : Halal , Made from Thailand
  • Manufacturer : Imported by F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor : Energy Drink
  • Value (2014) : Vary (available in 7 Eleven)
  • Website : www. fnbm.com.my

After drinking Ranger, the feeling was like as a saying in popular anime "One Punch Man", 100 push- ups, sit-ups and 100 squats along with 10 km run. Realistically, I cant do that altogether but certainly it gives me a hope that I could have done that after drinking a can of RANGER. A very good feeling though !

In marketing world, This advertisement video connected the dot about Rivalry between Red Bull and Ranger. It is not obvious enough ? Sumatran tiger ward off an angry bull  ?

Grab a ranger today at nearest 7 -Eleven .

Men's Face Wash "Gatsby" Anti-Acne

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Men do wash their face occasionally.

 Gatsby Anti Acne

There is a sudden urge to maintain facial skin. It so useful for multiple occasion, attending wedding, party, date, outing with friends. There must be one time your girlfriend called you right after a workout or working overtime for a decent dinner, this is where face wash is critically needed. Imagine the sweat and smell on the face.

Face wash is a quick solution for any lazy men who are rushing for a meet up.  A compatible face wash for one that understands skin condition. There are face wash caters for oily face, acne, and even whitening.

no more obvious acne
Currently using anti-acne because main priority is to eliminate any available easily seen red dots / pimples. Besides, the above photo was taken after using Gatsby Anti-acne face wash. Well, skin does look good because phone camera fix it with beauty mode.

Plastic Microbeads Destroying Water Systems in Malaysia

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Will Malaysia follow US banning plastic microbeads products selling in the market

 Gatsby Anti Acne

Eye-catching brand "Gatsby" definitely men's ideal face wash. Imagine to have Mr Zul Arifin facial skin after using it.  As if you never discover this article or the story about microbeads, you never know the adverse effect of these tiny particles. It should have been just a normal face wash with weird-looking tiny colorful beads. I still remember purchasing it with the price range between RM15 - RM20.

Pretty satisfy with the Gatsby Anti Acne and going to use even though there is a complication about it. A threat to the environment.  It seem like everyone care about a clean acne, oily-free, face and ignoring the fact that the plastic microbeads

Gatsby Face Wash
Not that much but it there !

While using it, it was surprising enough there were loads of plastic microbeads. Even more shocking, found out that US has passed a law banning microbeads containing products in coming years. The objective is to eliminate pollution in US water systems.

As if US is concerning about their water systems being polluted by these tiny particles, the question is how could advanced country such as United States still could not invent a perfect water systems filters these tiny particles ?

Probably there is an another proper question to ask, When will Malaysia starts set a halt in products containing plastic microbeads washed down to drain causing so much mayhem due to its resistant on decompose.

 Watch the video below !

Microbead Ban Signed By President Obama
President Obama is finally banning microbeads, those tiny particles in your face wash.
Posted by The Huffington Post on Thursday, December 31, 2015