22 Photos of Penang Anime Matsuri 2016

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A platform to dress up favorite anime character

Event      : Penang Anime Matsuri 2016
Date        : May 21 - May 22, 2016 (Saturday & Friday)
Location : Esplanade

~author visited the event on day 2, could not make it on day 1. ~

Dewan Sri Pinang-PAM 2016-Penang Matsuri Anime 2016

Due to the success of Penang Anime Matsuri previous year, it held again on year 2016. It could be the only event for local cosplayers to showcase desire to dress one of their favorite animation characters. Interestingly, half of the patronage to the event are youth and young adult.

PAM 2016

PAM 2016 is one of the recognized as a state-level event, on the first day, chief minister of the state attended and deliver opening speech. 

PAM 2016
Collectible poster and bracelet ticket

PAM 2016 received overwhelm response thanks to its effective marketing plans. there were banners hang on the government street lamps, Facebook marketing and PAM website was setup to facilitate tech savvy visitors to gain more in-depth information about the event.

Besides that, Penang Anime Matsuri 2016 attracted large crowds by inviting renowned anisong singers and overseas cosplay artists. Promising attendees with artist signature session and meet and greet session with fans.

In order to visit exhibition hall, there is need for entry ticket priced at RM 15.00. As for blue tag entry ticket which cost RM100 each, one is granted all access to all the event categories.

Batman cosplay was at PAM 2016

When Batman takes on Superman, he wears a customized bat suit enable him to withstand Superman powerful hits. This guy made one just like the one in the movie. Batman cant really win Superman in a fist battle, he shoots and weakened Superman with some foreign crystal. Luckily, Superman was not invited to this event or else a battle emerged.

PAM 2016

Fancy Merchandise are everywhere ! I did not want to say but someone did shout "Shut Up and Take My Money" . I have seen some ordinary man walking past me with a hand holding a black long sword looked just like the one appeared in anime "Bleach" the Ichigo's ultimate form sword.

PAM 2016 with silent hill boss

Thump up for him because he dressed up as a most fearsome monster in Silent Hill. Maybe you are too young to ever know this horror game Silent Hill. I do not think Silent Hill has a drama series perhaps a Hollywood movie.

PAM 2016

Lots of selfie, lots of peace gesture and lots of camera. Ignore the toilet signboard anyways.

Saber is that you ? from the acclaimed anime (Fate Stay ) . She wields the magical weapon Excalibur with that weapon, she is able to summon giant spiritual sword that are able to cut giant monster down and eliminate it instantly. The way she scream to perform her signature skill is just epic !

Who can name her anime character ? 

Saitama and his disciple ( One Punch Man )

Hey, she is one the member of the suicide squad ! I was not wrong when I see that bat on her hand.

One piece game was put to spin in order to keep those gamer busy.


The heat and rain forced most of us into the auditorium fully equipped with air condition.

White dressed Grim Reaper. Hm ? May I know which anime do you appear ?

The most eye-catching in the event. Hail Gundam. Can you turn your back on us Gundam just wondering ..
Ahri PAM 2016

Frankly speaking, as many of us who will pick the most favorite anime characters of all in PAM 2016. I would cast my vote for her the girl with orb. Because she is cosplaying League of Legends "Ahri"

In the end of costume competition, the winner for best costume is "Gundam" . The costume competition ended on 5 PM. Then, "arpeggio of blue steel" animation was aired inside the auditorium.  

While outside the building 

PAM 2016

After the costume competition, all are waiting for the last but not least anisong concert !! The cordon-off concert area designated for those with paid bracelet ticket. There were slight raining between 3PM - 6PM.

 It was not a complete concert without selling some foods !!

PAM 2016

Approaching the gate for closer look on the stage. Whereas, those did not manage to get ticket, they will be left behind. Fortunately, it was not that far people who did not manage to obtain a ticket still able to enjoy anisong performance.

The rain did not stop anyone of us finding a shelter because all of us know the rain will stop somehow.

The rain has stopped, most of us believe it will be a good time ahead of us . First DJ to spin is DJ Yuria !!

The most anticipated categories is finally here . Wave your light sticks !!!

Some funny lame thing encountered during the event, there are few people actually raise the Gardenia bakery in a sign to support the upcoming performance by Garnidelia.

The music was so loud that like a real summer party. Personally, I feel great deal of comfort when DJ Kaya spin the song from Naruto OST Fighting team, One Piece OST, One Punch Man OST and Pokemon OST. Those are the anisong I come here for !!

There were so much more happening there. However, author was not fully attend to all the event sessions hence, artist signature. Author came for mainly three points. Costume, Food and Anisong.