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Your Favorite Malaysia stock with Rakuten Trade

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Reliable and fast account opening with Rakuten Trade attracts retail investors.

You can open an account with this link >> Rakuten Trade Website <<
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Rakuten Trade
Rakuten Trade portfolio

Rakuten Trade is your best alternative for cheap stock broker in Malaysia. It is proven account can be fully opened by online activation. My account took less than 3 days. Cash account remain a first choice for Financial students, computer-savvy investors and stock newbie.

Before choosing a broker, you are required to pick the best broker that suitable for an investor. A thorough background check on Rakuten Trade, you would find approval from Security Commission and linked to Kenanga Investment.

As a small time investor fascinated by stock trading at Bursa Saham Malaysia you could own your first favorite company stock at few clicks away. Stumble upon your favorite company ? Maybank in banking sector or SP setia in construction sector or even Digi, TM, Axiata in communication industry. There are two things you can do. Work with them or buy a piece of the company and own them.

As a nominee account, you are getting the benefits of fast approval and lower brokerage fee. Besides, we are not choosing new company with no proven track record therefore no option to buy Initial public offering (IPO) company or may not be invited to Annual General Meeting (AGM).

A little bit of personal sharing about my favorite stock "Airasia". I bought it during the COVID-19 or first known as Coronavirus. Airline all around the globe were grounded due to government restriction on outbound travel. Schools were closed and even major construction site were halted. Airasia share is trading at below RM1.00 (Year 2020).

There was rumor legendary stock trader Berkshire Hathaway had sold off all airline stock due to the pandemic. He is a rich trader and is out to make profit with outstanding profile. Whereas, we buy something we like to own and hold it. In fact, Airasia is the only publicly listed airline company in Malaysia.

If you like it go and get it. It is now or never.

You can open an account with this link >> Rakuten Trade Website <<
Or you could type in my unique link for rakuten points >> 146f3HNQYF <<