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1 Share of Amazon is RM500 + after Stock Split

On June 8, 2022, Amazon the e-commerce giant performed stock split 1 to 20 . Amazon pre stock split is so expensive to retail investors at USD2000 ++ each share.

In order to participate the financial roller coaster of USA stock market, I need to have at least Rm600 to buy a single Amazon stock as a retail investor.

To achieve that I have an account with Rakuten Trade. They in recent years have been promoting USA stock market. A good platform for retail investors. Leave a comment if you know any platform does a fantastic job to secure market share in retail investors. 

In a rising of USD to MYR, it is much more expensive now to trade. 4.4 Ringgit to 1 USD is really high compared to past currency performance we used to have like 3.5 Ringgit to 1 USD.

Let hope currency will not have any large fluctuation in the future. We might stand to lose 40 percents just by currency exchange. Let say currency strengthened in MYR, when we perform stock selling, Rakuten Trade will automatically convert the currency to MYR. 

The good future for retail investors are Amazon stock price sky rocketed and Ringgit remained weakened or lower like 5 MYR to 1 USD.

As a retail investors with limited fund and limited knowledge in stock market, there is no need to put all the eggs in one basket. 

The last Amazon stock split was year 1999 before dot com bubble in the year 2000. I was just in primary school. After the bubble, Yahoo stock never recovered. In fact, Yahoo was quite a huge household brand I still remember the giant search engine till today.

Stock market is a risky to invest with a good return. If you don't invest, nothing will happen but if you do, stay investing and enjoy the ride !!