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Malaysia to FIFA World Cup U-17

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Malaysia against Australia match in this coming September 14, 2014. If Malaysia seal a winning goals, they are going for FIFA World Cup.

Harimau Malaya U-16 Jersey 7 Najmuddin
Harimau Malaya Muda jersey 7 Najmuddin

This is a very good opportunity for Malaysia advancing to the FIFA world cup as they had won against the host Thailand in a perfect U-Turn goal by jersey no. 8 Syazwan. Golden boy that seal the fate of Malaysia 1 - 0 Thailand. Besides, there is another player worth to be mentioned, Najmudin helped the team in a match against Oman secured two goals for the team eventually bringing the score to 2 - 1. 

The host of next FIFA World Cup U-17 is Chile. this prestigious soccer event is the dream of young tigers team D lead by chandran. Certainly the soccer fans in Malaysia sincerely hoping they get the chance to see Malaysia soccer squad appeared on world cup as well as Malaysia flag and Malaysia anthem are there showing to the world.

It will be a proudest moments for Young Tigers team D. What more if we can get into the final against Nigeria the crown winner of last world cup U-17. Nigeria will be the biggest inspiration for Malaysia despite a small country but able to compete with developed nations showing the best quality of sport to the audience around the world to billions watching the sport event. 

Do not forget to tune your Astro channel to fox sport no 812/832 for the battle of who qualify for world cup. The date is September 14, 2014. The time is 4PM. It will be held at Muangthong stadium. All eyes are on this match. 

There are several soccer matches beside Malaysia vs Australia U-16. There are Malaysia vs South Korea U-23 for Asian Games and Malaysia vs Indonesia for AFF Suzuki Cup. The most important match no other than the qualifying for world cup U-17. 

Based on author analysis, Malaysia will have a tough time against Australia. In previous 3 matches playing with Australia, all have been defeated by Australia. 

AFC 2014 Malaysia vs South Korea

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Clash of South Korea U16 and Malaysia U16 in prestigious soccer event AFC 2014

In previous match Malaysia was against Thailand with the score 1 - 0. Subsequently earned 3 points for Malaysia. However, it seem like South Korea's well known striker which titled as "Messi" secured a prominent goal and saving South Korea from having same points as Malaysia.

Lee Seung-Woo is South Korea most talented forward. He performed an identical movement likened to Messi dribbling skill in the match between Malaysia and South Korea U16 AFC 2014 event. He rejected Chelsea and Liverpool continuing to play in Bercelona team as news widely reported his bold decision.

It is still at a very early stage to say that any team would become AFC champion but certainly Malaysia proved to everyone especially Malaysia soccer fans that they have equal chance in obtaining the champion title. They will proud of them if Malaysia has enough points in joining the semi-final of AFC 2014.  

There is much attention on this grand soccer event although Asian Games 2014 is around the corner. Malaysia sent their brightest and talented soccer players to play at AFC U16 to test their ability and garner some experience in an international soccer event. These are the young soccer players that will play at even bigger soccer sport event in the coming future.

Malaysia seal the win on the match against Thailand host of AFC 2014. More info at Malaysia vs Thailand AFC 2014 U16