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Top 10 DSLR Cameras in Malaysia Below RM3000

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Review on the entry and mid level DSLR Cameras below RM3000

People are started to be attracted by cameras nowadays. Although you can get a right smartphone for a good quality image but a Digital Single Lens Reflex is definitely for those who really really like to take photo. If you are not photographer, you do not need a DSLR. I disagree with the statement.

DSLR camera is a higher level camera than those smartphone and point-and-shoot camera. They are interchangeable lens. You will get quality of image that is unbeatable and only produced by DSLR cameras. It sound like you cant differentiate it but the truth is that large group of peoples thought that a smartphone's camera is all we need

The only thing to look at smartphone camera is megapixel, flash and zoom. That all ! But as a DSLR cameras we will look into more sophisticated knowledge as a photographer should know. There are Lens mount, Sensor size, Focal length equivalent, viewfinder.

A wise consumer should not just look at megapixel/resolution of a camera although it is the main factor to determine a good camera. Sometimes, a 16 MP camera could not beat DSLR full frame camera at 12 MP. Why is that? It is because Sensor size. 

Do not be confused. Most of DSLR camera users are like you and me they do not necessarily know everything about DSLR camera to buy a DSLR camera ! All you need to know the simple fact do you want to learn and spend  $$ for better image quality.

Purchasing a right DSLR camera is different with purchasing a smartphones. In smartphone, We can compare directly about difference in specification. For DSLR cameras, it more about individual preferences. A right DSLR cameras means you need to test it for yourself, hold it yourself. Anyways, you can always purchase an entry-level DSLR cameras first !


ISO : 100 - 6400

Megapixels : 24.2

Sensor Type : CMOS 23.2 x 15.4mm

Features : Red Sunset, landscape, reduce blur, WiFi,

Lens mount : Nikon F

Autofocus : 11 points

Best entry-level DSLR camera. The price is not more than RM2000. At the releasing of new camera every quarter of the year. Some of the camera price will lowered as demands on new model will be abundant and demand on old model will be shifted towards new model. In 2014, D3200 will be standing one of the best for first time buyer. 24.2MP is considered as high and can capture landscape or sunset view in a professional manner. Check the current price at DSLR Nikon D3200


ISO : 100 - 6400 (up to 25600)

Megapixels : 16.2

Sensor Type : CMOS 23.6 x 15.6mm

Features :  landscape, reduce blur, WiFi, FULL HD recording, APS- C

Lens mount : Nikon F

Autofocus : 11 points

Goof for indoor sport, low lightning background. Low noise during night capturing. Take note that this camera prowess is more or less same with D3200. Price tag is almost same with Nikon D3200 too. Make your wise choice by testing both camera. Interested see the full information at Nikon D5100 


ISO : 100 - 6400 (up to 25600)

Megapixels : 20.3

Sensor Type : CMOS 23.5 x 15.7mm

Features :  landscape, reduce blur, WiFi, FULL HD recording, APS- C

Lens mount : Samsung

Autofocus : X

It is touch-screen based interface and bigger screen size at 3.7". Most of DSLR camera has 3" screen size. It resolution is up to 1,152k dots. Not a camera for long shutter and for video recording. A relatively cheap DSLR not more than RM1500. Do note that it only compatible with Samsung NX lens mount . Full information at Samsung NX2000


ISO : 100 - 6400 (up to 25600)

Megapixels : 16.1

Sensor Type : CMOS 23.5 x 15.7mm

Features :  landscape, reduce blur, WiFi, FULL HD recording at 60 or 24fps, APS- C

Lens mount : Sony 16-50mm

Autofocus : Hybrid

Unique at continuous shooting speed at 10fps. above average autofocus making sure you get the best specific image. Check price and more information at Sony Alpha NEX . The weakness of this DSLR camera are Fast and slow shutter speed are weak if you need to take sport event or slow movement like snail or night sky movement you might need to consider other choice This camera do not support flash. Good and above average are image quality, color depth and dynamic range.


ISO : 100 - 12800 (up to 25600)

Megapixels : 17.9

Sensor Type : CMOS 22.3 x 14.9mm

Features : Movie 1080p @30fps, SD/SDHC/SDXC, creative filter, video snapshot, 8GB

Lens mount : Canon

Strength : Flip out, Touch screen, 1,040k dots, 197 lenses availability, movie continuous focus, Flash

Weakness : Continuous shooting, shutter lag, focus point. weak fast shuttle speed, night view.

This camera come with Tamron 18-200mm lenses. A really good entry-level DSLR featuring Liveview AF and movie shooting. In fully research in this DSLR camera, it is not good for fast moving object capturing such as sport event, auto event shooting. Full review and current price check at Canon EOS 700D with Tamron lens

NIKON D5200 KIT 18-55MM

ISO : 100 - 6400 (up to 25600)

Megapixels : 24.1 (Expeed 3)

Sensor Type : CMOS 22.3 x 14.9mm

Features : DX format sensor, 39-point autofocus, Scene Recognition System 2016 pixel RGB sensor, Sensor cleaning, 60fps 1080p movie recording. external micjack

Lens mount : Nikon

Strength : Megapixel with above average native and true resolution, Lens availability, Flips out, movie continuous focus, 3D photos, Color and low light.

Weakness : Continuous shooting at 5fps, shutter lag, focus point. weak fast shuttle speed, night view,  battery life, Panorama, Image stabilization, Pixel size, Light sensitivity

Choosing a D5200 or D5100 is very difficult choice. Both are great DSLR cameras. D5200 has excellent 60fps movie recording and unique 39 points autofocus. D5200 is newer generation of D5100 so you know that a newer generation means greater technological advanced. Check at here it included 8GB ultra SDHC card and price is lowered than RM2000. Nikon D5200

SONY ALPHA A57 Kit 18-55mm

ISO : 100 - 12800

Megapixels : 16.1

Sensor Type : CMOS 22.3 x 14.9mm

Features : APS-C CMOS Sensor, Auto HDR, Image stabilization, Auto Portrait Framing, Movie recording HD 1080p 15 point autofocus,

Lens mount : Sony

Strength : CMOS sensor, Pixel size, Viewfinder size at 100% and flips out, Movie Continuous focus and 1080p at 60fps, unique 3D and panorama, continuous shooting at 12fps

Weakness : Resolution at 16 MP with True and native at below average, Lens availability, No GPS, weak in capturing fast moving object,

It is Sony camera with very attractive features. It has unique strength compared to Nikon D5200 or D3200 however, identical weakness among all the entry-level cameras. Sony camera particular this one has image stabilization feature as an added value. I have seen many cameras but this one is balanced average camera you can get at the market. Check current price at It usually sell lower than RM 2000 Sony Alpha A57


ISO : 100 - 6400

Megapixels : 12

Sensor Type : CMOS

Features : Optical Zoom x24, Full HD 1080p movie, advanced noise reduction system, HDR, Image stabilization, external mic jack, 3D effect, RAW effect.

Lens mount : Panasonic

Strength : CMOS sensor, Good Lens Aperture Telephoto and Macro focus, relatively good viewfinder, recording high speed event, battery life, continuous shooting 12fps, Flash

Weakness : Resolution at 12 MP with True and native at below average, fairy weak light sensitivity, no touch screen, Image and color fairy weaken than most DSLR cameras

This camera is able to generate high quality image for fast moving object which is very outstanding DSLR camera. It is a camera designed for sport events, racing F1 events, rain, lightning effect. Not all high resolution megapixel DSLR camera can caught extreme sport event. Most of the time you have to choose whether to capture high speed object or good quality and resolution image. Although this camera jeopardize megapixels but it could help you capture fairy good quality fast speed object. It does not cost you more than RM2000 Panasonic Lumix Fz200


ISO : 100 - 25600

Megapixels : 16.3

Sensor Type : CMOS 23.6 x15.7mm

Features : Advanced filter, Movie 1080p 30fps, WiFi,

Lens mount : Fujifilm,

Strength : Flips out, Image stabilization, movie continuous focus, flash and booting extremely fast

Weakness : Light sensitivity, very less lens availability in the market, weak focus system, weak in taking fast and slow movement object, no external micjack, no viewfinder

To be honest, It really depend on individual preferences when choosing a right DSLR cameras. Find all information and price about Fujifilm X a1 kit 16-50mm


ISO : 100 - 6400 (12800)

Megapixels : 18

Sensor Type : CMOS 23.6 x15.7mm

Features : Movie 1080p 30fps,

Lens mount : Canon EF

Strength : Flips out, screen resolution, Lens availability to choose, weather seal, Pentaprism viewfinder, video supporting 24frame/External micjack/Autofocus, Support raw, 1/8000 shutter speeds and 30s, flash

Weakness : Light sensitivity, low crop factor, weak true and native resolution as well as pixel size, Movie autofocus, panorama/HDR/3D, storage slots

Designed to capture fast and slow movement objects with additional advantage it has flash. It is not for capturing low light area. It does not have super resolution. The best thing is it weather seal. If you found it useful consider it visit here for current price and full information at Canon Eos 60D

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DLSR Camera Sales May 2014 in Malaysia

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Up to 50% Discounted DLSR Camera to grab. Look for your favorite high quality Camera with cheaper price tag 

Sales until end of May

A very lucky to found out there are great sales going on for DLSR cameras in Malaysia in the month of May. This entire month you can buy cheaper and affordable DSLR cameras, new lenses and accessories

What I have found out were that they are selling DLSR cameras import from other countries. I will just list few DSLR cameras, Lenses and accesories in this May sales with crazy discounted price tag. Bare in mind that they are selling it online

Good thing purchasing online it "Free delivery" and Cash On Delivery Method. For example, you are purchasing many items and in total exceeds certain price you will entitle free delivery. For COD method, it actually mean that your ordered item will be sent to your doorstep. You are required to engage with the delivery guy at your doorstep and pay them with cash. 

Interested to look what are they selling ? Visit at DSLR up to 78% Sales May

List of discounted items on this Sales

  1. Nikon D5200  -55%
  2. Nikon D3100  -30%
  3. Canon EOS 700D  -55%
  4. Nikon D7100  -30%
  5. Nikon AF 70 300mm  -50%
  6. Canon EF-S Lens 55-250mm  -62%
  7. Tamron AF 18-270mm  -50%
  8. Sigma 70-300mm  -30%
  9. Sandisk Micro 32GB  -78%
  10. Johoyo Tripod  -50%