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10 Budget Digital Camera You can buy in Malaysia not over RM1500

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Which Digital Camera are Malaysian favorite yet cheap and budget for most of the consumer as well as beginner ?

It is very headache there are so many digital camera selling at shops You do not know which to buy. If you are beginner and just want to snap few pictures like everyone do, you would not need something that cost more than RM1500. There are good digital camera selling lesser than the price. Some of the consumer in Malaysia are well educated they know how to choose the best digital camera for their preferences. Which are the digital camera they had bought in the market?

Before that, do you ever think rising of smartphone camera technology in the market confusing consumer which to pick ?I would suggest picking up Nokia or Sony smartphone if you looking for hybrid. Although there are many smartphone camera could compete with digital camera in term of megapixels, digital camera are way better in term of noisy control, image sensor, ISO manual control, sharpness.    


Brand : Canon

Highlighted features : 12MP, 30x optical zoom, HD movie, WIFI

This camera enabled You to shoot wilderness fun. 30x zooming You could make a beetle look huge and awesome. I suggest you capture drop of raining it is just so amazing what this camera can do. It is easy to think what is inside of this camera. Image Stabilization for brilliant image in any zoom length. 35mm film equivalent focal length that extends all the way from 24mm to 720mm. Beside photo shooting a bikini girl in beach, you could surely capturing green landscape, mountain, tall building. Boring with shooting you could always turn to recording. It only sell RM1100 with built-in WIFI. What? yeah, this is the ads we always see before the movies in Golden Screen Cinema. Get full information and check current price at Canon powershot SX510



Highlighted features : 16MP, 60x optical zoom, HD movie, Serial Shot mode.

It has better megapixel than Canon Powershoot but it does not has 60x optical zoom. Better megapixel means printing large images still retain the quality of the image without any distortion. It has wide angle range to fit most of the people into one photograph. You don want to miss one or two guy in a wedding photo session or college photo session group right?. Besides, It also come with Image stabilization feature and HD recording. It only cost not more than RM1200.00. Check current price at Panasonic lumix FZ70


Brand : CASIO

Highlighted Features : 16MP, 12 optical zoom, HD recording.

It precise, fast shooting, better in night shoot, introducing CASIO EXILIM. It has almost everything You desire. Either image stabilization feature, better megapixel for larger images, zooming feature as well as the HD recording. Casio Exilim are good in capturing low light and strong light background. Although Casio are good in making watch it does not mean it not good in making a good camera. It cost around not more than RM1200.00. Check current price at  Casio Exilim zr1100


Brand : NIKON

Highlighted Features : CMOS 12MP, 5x optical zoom, WIFI

Nikon is very popular brand for camera. Sharpness and noise control ability are well known for Nikon made camera. Choose any scene mode from Landscape, nightscape and Close-up and backlighting (HDR). A camera well known for occasion traveler shooting images of mountain river, grass, flora and fauna. You could capture images or HD video recording and send data via WIFI to your cloud storage with ease. An expert-use camera. Not more than RM1400.00



Brand : Olympus

Highlighted Features : 12MP, 4x optical zoom, waterproof, HD movie.

Color : Red only

Tough looking design is very eye-catching for consumer. It is an extraordinary camera designed for various occasion such as diving, swimming as it is waterproof. Although it has least ability in zooming, it is not losing in other important features. It incredible performance reacting in low-light condition would not disappoint user. Last but not least, it is virtually indestructible outside with shockproof, freezeproof and crushproof. It is selling at RM1400.00


Brand : Samsung

Highlighted Features : 16 MP, IS, Auto Focus, Face Detection, WIFI

It is one of the best budget digital camera equipped with WIFI feature. It has almost everything a photographer need for travelling, landscape shooting. It seem like there is x18 optical zoom based on the photo. Did not know Samsung venture making digital camera instead of just staying making smartphone. The price is around RM800.00 without discount. 



Highlighted Features: 14MP, X5 optical zoom, IS, video recording.

Entry-level digital camera for beginner and also prefer model by female. whole body painted with pink color. Slight more megapixel than other camera. An ideal camera for ladies as it is really lightweight and well compact design camera. It only cost about RM300.00 cheapest of all like ladies wear. It also very popular gift from a boyfriend to his girlfriend.


Brand : SONY

Highlighted features : 16.1 MP, X5 optical zoom, HD recording, low-light improved performance.

It is a very popular digital camera among ladies. Spotted most of the female traveler would carry pink-colored camera and it would be none other than Sony's cybershot. Despite Sony well known making high quality TV, they are venturing to camera business. One of the most sold Sony camera worldwide is Sony Cybershot. It cost not more than RM400.00


Brand : Canon

Highlighted feature : 16.1MP, X8 optical zoom, Focal point 24mm-120mm

Full silver body is very tempting design for male. Compact looking camera are always lightweight. This camera is shielded by scratch and also 99% UV light protected. Beside that, it also allowed user recording in High definition. Last time I checked it only cost around RM350.00


Brand : Fujifilm

Highlighted features : Flash and compact, adjust brightness feature. 

Color : Blue, Pink 

Most people do not think this camera fall into digital camera category. Anyways, this is so called instant camera and come with variety exotic color camera body. The photo actually come out from top of the camera. I know right is will be so fun !! One of the most affordable and most loved camera in the world. Despite the camera business industry shrink and stagnant growing due to many reasons, Fujifilm decided to make a interesting camera. There you go Instax mini. Promotion and discounted price could go below RM300.00. The only thing very hassle about this camera is you will need to go Fujifilm shop to buy the unused photo.

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