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Bullet Over Petaling Street Movie 2014 Review

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Looking for Malaysian made movie in February 2014? "Bullet Over Petaling Street" is definitely need better attention.

Released on February 13, 2014 on Golden Screen Cinema Malaysia amid Chinese New Year festival ongoing. Movie director Sampson Yuen & Ho Shih Phin has invited Debbie Goh as main actress for this exclusive movie. Most of you do not know that Debbie Goh is a former Miss Malaysia Chinese International 1998 and Hong Kong TVB artiste.

Beside Debbie Goh as the main protagonist, the film directors has invited numerous Singapore and Malaysia artist and actress. Chen Han Wei, Jeffrey Cheng, Miao Miao, Steve Yap, KK, Berg Lee, Jamie Chu, and many more. Majority of the recruiter are working as model, TV host and radio DJ.

The movie title is derived from famous street in Kuala Lumpur "Petaling Street". It so called Chinatown by the local community due to vast amounts of Chinese hawkers doing business at there.

The movie is about an intense battle among which association will hold the Petaling Street area after the current association director have resigned and escaped with large pile of association funds without re-electing new leader leaving a utterly mess. Other association sensed opportunity in this crisis to overthrown "Yi Chi Bang" and become the new leader of Petaling Street. Will they succeed to overthrown?

Yu Ping An (Debbie Goh) is elected as the new leader of the Yi Chi Bang despite she was not happy to be at the first place. Due to provocation by 4896 association, she decided to took the dragon staff and sit on the throne with the power over controlling whole Petaling Street economy. She will be facing threats and sleepless night due to political turbulence involving two largest association. In the final chapter, two association gathered together to vote new association to hold Petaling Street with the witness of Petaling Street Community and elderly judges. Overall, parts of the movie are funny, sad, joy, action and thrill.

In the month of February, There are two local made movies screening. "Bullet over Petaling Street" , "Ah Beng Mission Impossible" . 

In my point of view, this movie can fix the first scene part where violence battle emerged. The screen is shaky and made us very headache to watch. Besides, the funny part in the movie is the "GPS" three ladies with bellies saying " GPS stand for Gemuk pun Sexy". GPS acted as bodyguard for Yu Ping An.

The movie is produced by Juita Entertainment. There are new movie coming soon in the local cinema. Support new movie "Fantasia". The company also produced Petaling Street Warrior movie on 2012